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Star Wars Regal

(Sorry AJ and other friends who I know love Star Wars!) I wouldn’t know a Star Wars from a Star Trek though I believe I saw the first Star Wars movie and one later on. I had to approach this movie as a stand alone film and I must admit I was confused from the first frame to the last not knowing who was who and then all of a sudden there is Mark Hamil here for a few seconds, Harrison Ford with even less screen time but I did recognize Carrie Fisher who played the princess with the hair buns who faded in and out.
It may mean something I remember the robots from the first film and I saw the hairy Chewbacca who I remember from somewhere but the relationships between the various characters are a complete mystery to me.
There are certainly a lot plane fights not to forget all the light saber fights. There is one action scene after another as if the film stopped to hold its breath for a minute the audience would moan.
The movie is 141 minutes, seems to move fast with all the action but seemed to have taken 4 days to watch!
It was good seeing Adam Driver as I had been very impressed with him in both “The Report” a Prime Video movie and “The Marriage Story”, which should definitely get him an Oscar nomination, but I have no idea who he is in this movie.
Maybe if I had seen the 9 films, 5 series, 4 Animated mini-series, 3 live action series and the 3 Star Wars TV films I might have liked this better but even Allen, who is a Star Wars fan and the reason we went to see this, wasn’t impressed.
I really can’t recommend this movie but I will let the Star Wars fans make up their own mind about seeing it and, yes, millions are seeing it.

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