“The Gentlemen”–movie review   1 comment

Within one movie I broke my 2 and only New Year’s resolutions: 1) I will not go to a movie just for the sake of going to a movie especially if I know I won’t like it and 2) I will walk out of a movie that I don’t like! Yes, I like Mathew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Strong and since “Crazy Rich Asians” Henry Golding but nothing could save this movie.
At first, it was interesting seeing Grant playing against type but 15 minutes in his heavy put on English accent (Yes, I know he is English but never like this) so I was glad he was working with/against Charlie Hunnam but that wasn’t enough.
I am not a fan of Guy Ritchie and believe I have seen only one of his movies but his having directed, produced and written the screenplay for this movie I have no desire to see them or anymore by him.  This is an old type gangster movie with a few twists and turns, a lot of violence, racial comments against Asians, throw in some anti-Semitism along with homophobic darts not to forget the f, the many c words plus pig porn and blood and more blood and then some more blood!
The theatre was full and a few people laughed at some of the lines I broke my 2 and only New Year’s resolutions!

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  1. Pig porn…
    I’ll pass.

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