Dining out & ducks–not on ducks!   1 comment

Dining out and Ducks--not on ducks

It’s been a good month including eating out at 3 of my favorite restaurants having Linguini with White Clam Sauce at Cafe Vico, a good juicy cheeseburger at the Outback and topping it off with the great Jambalaya at the Quarterdeck.
As aside: At the Quarterdeck Katherine, our server, made mistake forgetting to order the dirty rice instead of the pasta in the Jambalaya and besides verbally apologizing she also wrote “Sorry” on the check. We weren’t going to penalize her for the mistake and instead gave her a 25% tip for the ‘sorries’! :O)
Last but not least how many dentist offices do you know that have guard ducks outside their office? My dentist does and they are there every time that I go to the dentist. Once in a while they will waddle over for a few pats!!
Leap year 3

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  1. Every dentist should have guard ducks!

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