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Gift collage cars 2020


Well, they have been hounding me (okay asked me once or twice) what I need/wish for as a gift on my birthday. Doing this mostly against my will (HUSH! Don’t say a word!) I am offering 3 categories of gifts. Let’s be clear NO ONE HAS TO GET/SEND ME A GIFT!! (Of course, if you have bad luck for 7 years after Saturday, February 29, 2020, don’t look at me!) By the same token, how many Leap Year Babies do you know? Remember us poor Leap Year birthday people are ignored for 3 out of every 4 years–not that I want you to feel guilty.

Now that I am old–hey, 21 is OLD!–I want only things I can use in my everyday life and don’t need ‘clutter’. (Yes, eating out doesn’t fit in that category of clutter by my definition!)

Okay, here we go!

Category 1

Not sensible but not impossible gifts

A convertible car–preferably a Chevy or Caddie from the 1970s BUT any kind will do–including a year of automobile insurance. (Well you wouldn’t want me to drive around without insurance, would you?)

A round month-long trip to Australia and New Zealand with a rental car available in New Zealand so I could drive from the north island to the south island stopping where and when I want. I’ll give you more details when you want to book the trip.

 A round trip ticket to New York–plan(s) to follow when you start booking the 3-4 day trip.

Category 2

Sensible and possible (In no particular preference)

A point and shoot digital camera              Top of the line electric razor

Category 3

Practical, Possible and Sensible (In no particular preference)

Gift cards (So I can buy what I need– not what I want!) for:

Target  Office Depot  Home Depot Winn-Dixie  The Dollar Tree

The Gateway Movie Theatre  Regal Theatre AMC Theatre

Quarterdeck Restaurant   Cabo Blanco Restaurant Cafe Vico

Outback Steak House  Big Louie’s Restaurant   Subways Restaurant

Uber  Lyft

for locals: letting me borrow your car Monday and/or Tuesday and/or Wednesdays.

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