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“Those Who Remained” is a film about Hungarian people who survived the Holocaust physically but not quite mentally and they are now caught up in a Communist regime.
It focuses on a 42-year-old gynecologist doctor, who lost his wife and two children, and a 16-year-old orphan who has not faced up to the fate of her parents and is brought to the clinic by an aunt because the girl has not gone through puberty yet.
To tell any more would be giving spoilers so all I can do is give my reaction to the movie. I thought I knew where the relationship between the doctor Aldo and the teenager Klara was heading and though I wasn’t far off I found myself not reacting which was very puzzling to me as it takes very little to get me involved emotionally with characters in films.
Karoly Hajduk, as Aldo and Abigel Szoke as Klara, do an excellent job, especially the latter who shows her changes physically and mentally with her face and body plus a nod to the hairdresser!
I am on the fence about recommending “Those Who Remained” simply because the director and screenwriters did not ‘get’ to me though at 83 minutes it does tackle a theme not often touched upon.

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