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Lock-down, Isolation, Covid-19 Part 3   Leave a comment

Virus collage March 28 2020

I know there is a shortage of tests but I would think ALL people who would be vulnerable regarding catching COVID-19 would get tested now by which time they should have enough tests and then after others would be tested! An example, we have 300 seniors here all with ailments and if one gets it there would be panic and deaths which, probably, could have been prevented!

I am at high risk being old, having COPD, lung disease, heart disease Afib and an aorta valve replacement but still not eligible to get the test. By the time I am eligible it would probably be too late as it would be for many here. (And I want to be here for my 25th Birthday!)

We know the rules: stay home–avoid contact with other people–get adequate sleep–wash hands often–dry hands with clean towel–avoid touching face–cover mouth and/or nose when coughing and sneezing–call doctors before keeping appointments.

Also, something I have seen happening here, get your mail from your mailbox and leave! Don’t stand there going through your junk mail or talking to the mail person or a neighbor. There are others who want to get their mail and don’t want to break the 6-foot rule!

Stay safe and don’t give your residents the COVID-19 virus!

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“Unorthodox” & “Best Worst Thing” On Netflix Reviews   Leave a comment

Unorthodox series and Best Thing movie

You are never too old to learn and though I am Jewish I knew very little about the Hasidic Jewish culture and “Unorthodox” opened my eyes to a lot at the same time offering a story that will hold your interest from the opening scene to the last. It is told in 4 episodes each about 55 minutes. 


Israeli actress Shira Haas is mesmerizing as a 17 year old girl in an arranged marriage who after a year wants to break free of the life she is forced to live.   I highly recommend this series.


The full title of this documentary is “Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened” and is about producer-director Harold Prince and composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim who, after having such hits as “Sweeney Todd”, “Company”, “Follies” and “A Little Night Music”, wake up to some of the worst reviews of their life when “Merrily We Roll Along” opens on Broadway.


Due to the discovery of footage from the rehearsals of that production we meet and hear from the 2 men and the young people who auditioned and played the original roles back then and are talking now about how they dealt with failure. 


Recommended for anyone who has had failure in their life and those starting out on their journey now.

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The worst evening of my life: Wednesday, March 29, 1967   1 comment

March 30 1967 WW

Every March 29 & 30 I relive the worst night of my life and the day that I started the rest of my life.
 (The following are notes from previous years of posts and my diaries from 1967.)
On Wednesday evening, March 29, 1967, I left the Brass Rail, a restaurant I was working at in NYC on 47th Street and 7th Avenue, got drunk, stopped at the Stage Deli and had a Hymie’s Special (a triple-decker sandwich) with a side of French Fries. Stopped at a bar near Columbus Avenue and 75th Street, close to where I lived, and, oh yes, I might mention I walked from the deli about a distance of 30 blocks and had a nightcap which consisted of 3 scotch on the rocks. I left the bar and went next door to the pizza place and got a large pizza with everything on it to go.
I was 31 years old, fat, drunk, nauseated and hated myself for many reasons but, as I ate the pizza, mostly for being fat which I blamed all my failures on. I wanted to commit suicide but I didn’t know how or have the guts. (Pardon the pun.) I didn’t have the nerve to slash my wrists. I didn’t know how to get a gun and if I shot myself in the head I probably would have botched it–though I had been an ace shooter in the Marines–and wind up being a vegetable seeing and hearing everything but being unable to communicate. I couldn’t/wouldn’t overdose as I might botch that up too. Hang myself? What in my apartment would hold me up long enough?
I ran out of my apartment and walked from 75th street to the Everod Baths on 28th street stopping at a few bars along the way. I walked out the next morning feeling helpless, hopeless and not knowing where to turn.
Condensing the next 10 years into a few sentences: On Thursday, March 30, 1967, I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting at 12:30 PM on 57th street. I went on to lose over 100 pounds getting down to 167 pounds (for at least a week!LOL) I went to work for WW as a lecturer, meet the man who trained franchise owners to be, we became partners, moved to Memphis where we opened a franchise. In 1972 I went into Transactional Therapy which took me through the next 48 years with a lot of ups and downs but never thought of suicide again!
Today, 53 years later, I am so glad that I didn’t commit suicide. l smile remembering the so many good things I have experienced and dismiss the many failures I have had since then because I woke up this morning to a beautiful day–Monday, March 30, 2020!

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Done it before & doing it again!   Leave a comment

Hair before and after
2002                                                               Today
(I don’t remember what happened to my arm back then!)
In any case, when I retired the first thing I decided to do was to not shave or get a haircut!! I decided to do the same thing (for as long as I can stand it!) now only this time until the COPID-19 epidemic is over. Hopefully, it won’t last as long as my retirement has!
I am not sure when that picture was taken but I do know it had to be before 2004 as that is when I moved into my current apartment while that picture was the first apartment, in the F building, when I first moved into Gateway Terrace.
I loved being retired but I don’t want to grow my hair and beard for that long a time so hoping the scientists will get a cure for the virus SOON!

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Lock-down, Shelter in Place,Social Distancing, Covid-19 Virus—Part 2   Leave a comment

Virus collage March 27 2020

In Fort Lauderdale, Stay home or face arrest Mayor orders is the latest headline.

There have been so many rules and orders issued it is almost hard to keep up with or follow them but basically it is staying home–period!

Something I am concerned about is that we have 300 senior citizens here and the people who own the community have done nothing about getting all tested BEFORE one gets it and spreads through all the people which is not inconceivable as the first hard hit with 6 deaths is an assisted living facility. They have also done nothing about checking on residents making sure they are okay and, at least, have enough food.

Previously Gateway was owned by a church
group who were concerned about everything and everyone while this is a profit-making organization and is only interested in the bottom line. It is understandable but at the same time not comforting.
We are helping each other but don’t have the resources, the money and many, not the transportation, let alone elastic gloves, cleaning supplies or sanitizer.
Talking about gloves I don’t understand their benefit when you see people in the supermarkets using them for the handles on carts and then touch produce, can goods, meat packages, etc. Oh yes, and touching their faces which I think people are at least becoming aware of how often we do that without realizing it! So we are not only spreading germs to others but possibly to ourselves thinking we are doing do good wearing gloves!
And I won’t even get into washing hands!!
(to be continued–possibly even with a laugh!)

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Lock-down, Social Distance, Isolation Part 1   1 comment

Virus Rules 2

It started with the closing of the beaches, bars and indoor eating at restaurants followed by no crowds of 50 or more and then 10 or more with added staying 6 feet apart. Then it was only essential businesses staying open–with a beauty shop here saying her business was essential. Oh yes, let’s not forget million-dollar condos being built are essential but workers have to be 6 feet apart.
Then yesterday it became being confined to behind the closed doors of your home only to go out for groceries, drugstores, exercise and/or department stores.
Then we got Gateway rules in sort of a rude way. I went down to The Point and all the chairs were gone–also around the pool and the pool was locked. Walking back I saw that all the chairs and tables from the breezeway are gone. The only places you could sit are on the benches by the mailbox as they are screwed in. Also the smoking benches outside the complex.
Meanwhile, there are workers around the complex putting a new floor in the office, washing and waxing the community room floor (which is not allowed to be entered by residents) completely disregarding the 6-foot rule.
We have about 300 senior citizens living in the community most over 65, a lot over 70 and many over 80–I am not sure if any are over 90. Are they/we following the rules???
(to be continued)

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Spring? Summer? Fall? Ask Mother Nature!   Leave a comment

Spring March 22 2020
Spring arrived this past weekend and tomorrow it will be 90 degrees!
Well if it is summer why are the trees shedding their leaves?
Is it Autumn?
All I know is the sun is out, the clouds are scarce, the humidity is not high and it is beautiful at The Point!

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“Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”–review–Netflix Documentary   Leave a comment

In the world of big cat private ownership, we meet Bhagavan “Doc” Antleand who is married to 3 women a lot younger than he is, Joe Exotic who is married to 2 young guys who aren’t gay and a 3rd who is and Carole Baskin who is aligned with PETA, makes millions of dollars and whose millionaire husband has mysteriously disappeared plus Mario Tabraue who was the inspiration for Tony Montana in “Scarface”. All that is missing from this mix is Seigfried & Roy!

The documentary revolves around Joe Exotic who owned 1,200 tigers, lions, bears, monkeys and other exotic animals and his feud with Carole Baskin which leads him to be in prison for 22 years! (Not a spoiler as it opens with that.) His real name is Joe Schreibvogel but he now is known as Joe “Exotic” Maldonado Passage.
Exotic Joe ran for President of the United States and after losing that ran for Governor of Oklahoma coming in last for both races. He sees himself as a singer making albums and videos regarding his animals. He, also, believes he is doing a better job saving animals than Baskin and/or PETA are doing.
The documentary takes you into a money-making world you probably know very little about and seems to attract a certain type of person. It is told in 7 episodes, most running an average of 45 minutes for a total of 5 hours and 20 minutes. I thought I would watch 1 episode but I ended up watching all 7 episodes last night in what is known as binge-watching!
“Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is an unbelievable story in which animals are fed expired food from Walmart that the help also uses as one example. In a way, it is a fascinating while maddening documentary that will make your jaw drop quite a few times watching these people do what they do and how they live.

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Equinox! What virus?   1 comment

Winter 2020 Flowers
When I get up in the morning (between 10-11 AM) and walk into my living room and see all the flowers in bloom I have at least 5-10 minutes of all is right with the world which is a good way to start the day and tackle whatever may come my way during the day.
I certainly have a laugh first thing looking at my “Christmas Cactus”!! It blooms every month but always comes to FULL bloom on Leap Year DAY!
I messed up– exchanged the white Geranium picture with a Cactus picture but they all look great!
I started off with the seeds of a pepper and now I have 3 plants with the ‘kids’ now having blossoms which means more peppers on their way! Strange though–the ‘mother’ plant always has a lot of blossoms but only produces 2 peppers a month! I will have to see what the ‘kids’ do! :O)
By the way, I hear it is Spring now though except for 1 week (when Chuck and Terry were here) our temperatures were in the 80s most of February and we are having a touch of Summer this weekend with temperatures around 89! Luckily the humidity is manageable.
Start your day with Mother Nature and you won’t go wrong!

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People Amaze Me   1 comment

This all started with this simple post on a local site named  nextdoor:

Pay it forward

Folks, if you are rich enough to have a housekeeper, you are rich enough to pay their wages for a few weeks while they stay home with their families. Pay it forward, please.

I was so touched by the responses to the above post that I posted this and 72 people responded to me offering me all kinds of help from going shopping for me to walking my dog!  Whenever you feel the least down about people know they will do the right thing in a crisis!

As an 84 year old man with COPD, PAD, diabetes, aorta valve replacement, etc. and no car I really want to say how much I appreciate those of you offering your help. I hope I never need it but I truly think it is great of you. I live in a government subsidized complex with approximately 300 people 62 and over and I don’t know what help the government or the owners here will give us but it is comforting to know you are willing to help. If and when testing becomes available it will be a problem for many of us to go/get to the testing place so be ready–I might call you! :O) Even if I never have to call you for help I just want you to know when I am ‘fighting’ you over what politicians do or don’t do, what the city is doing or not doing, what restaurant or movie I hated and you loved I WILL remember many of the posts here on nextdoor that I have read today. LOVE YOU ALL!

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72 neighbors

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