Equinox! What virus?   1 comment

Winter 2020 Flowers
When I get up in the morning (between 10-11 AM) and walk into my living room and see all the flowers in bloom I have at least 5-10 minutes of all is right with the world which is a good way to start the day and tackle whatever may come my way during the day.
I certainly have a laugh first thing looking at my “Christmas Cactus”!! It blooms every month but always comes to FULL bloom on Leap Year DAY!
I messed up– exchanged the white Geranium picture with a Cactus picture but they all look great!
I started off with the seeds of a pepper and now I have 3 plants with the ‘kids’ now having blossoms which means more peppers on their way! Strange though–the ‘mother’ plant always has a lot of blossoms but only produces 2 peppers a month! I will have to see what the ‘kids’ do! :O)
By the way, I hear it is Spring now though except for 1 week (when Chuck and Terry were here) our temperatures were in the 80s most of February and we are having a touch of Summer this weekend with temperatures around 89! Luckily the humidity is manageable.
Start your day with Mother Nature and you won’t go wrong!

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  1. You get up between 10 and 11? Half the day is gone by then!

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