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April Reviews 2 collage

I’ll now this is all over when I am sitting here, having just come home from sitting in the Classic Gateway Theatre seeing a movie and then going either to Subway or Arby’s for a late lunch, and writing a big-screen movie review but until then….
1. “Change in the Air” is a movie about ????? Okay, a strange stranger (Rachel Brosnahan, ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) comes to town and walks around with a big bag.  We get to see a few old-time pros who are always a joy to watch such as Olympia Dukakis, Macy Gracy, M. Emmet Walsh, Aidan Quinn (WOW! Think about it–he is an old-time pro!) for about 90 minutes looking at the stranger and then a bunch of birds fly away–end of the movie!
2. “Coffee & Kareem” is so bad that you will laugh at what you are watching while you shake your head at loads of violence plus attempts to get laughs every which way including really bad slapstick. This is a movie for you if you haven’t heard the “F” word in a long time. The amounts of times is used here in an hour and 28 minutes will last you forever! I like  Taraji P. Henson in “Empire” but here she makes me cringe.
3. “Love Wedding Repeat” No matter how many different endings, and repeats of those endings, involving the main characters does not save this ‘romantic-comedy’ that is not romantic or funny. For an English comedy they don’t even make the ‘dirty’ words sound elegant which right there tells you how bad this one is–all 100 minutes of it!
4. “Ozark” I have followed Laura Linney’s career since 1993 when I saw her for the first time in the TV series “Tales of the City” and she has not made a misstep since then whether in more TV, movies or the theatre. She is in almost every scene of this series which just ended its 3rd season and each season has 10 episodes each running about an hour. She is excellent but she has some very stiff competition from the other women in the series and the men really have to work, looking like they aren’t working, to keep up with them. Jason Bateman is solid as the man who has to uproot his family from Chicago to the Ozarks and that is all I will tell you about the plot. It is part love story, part drug cartel story, part redneck story, part gambling story, part kids growing up story and more. Along with Bateman Tom Pelphrey as his brother-in-law gives solid support to the women.
Janet McTeer gives a strong performance as a lethal lawyer, Lisa Emery is an independent don’t mess with countrywoman while Sue Shelby, as a therapist, is wise and very funny but I couldn’t take my eyes off Julia Garner every time she was on the screen even in many scenes with Laura Linney!
Not all 30 episodes are strong but a majority are if not for all the manipulations that go on then for the acting and wanting to know what is going to happen. I want to see season 4 when it comes!
5. If you want to see what John Finlay looks like with a set of teeth and find out what happened with/to that just above the crotch tattoo then watch the short follow up to “Tiger King” otherwise skip “Tiger King & I” which is as bad as the title.

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