Minnows, peppers, tea, Mother Nature and UNsung Heroes!   1 comment

minnows me peppers tea etc April 18 collage

1 & 2)  I have a feeling that masks and gloves will be part of my summer wear–politicians are rushing to fast to ‘open’ cities. Really, as much as I want to return to going to the theatre am I ready to sit and mingle with 1,500 people, deal with valet parking, waiting for the car in a small space, etc., I don’t think I will be rushing to see “The Donna Summer Musical”!
3) I have all of a sudden become a night time tea drinker. Always 1 bag of  Chamomile and 1 bag of a mint herbal tea plus a sweet ‘n low.
4) Was just getting some sun on the canal walk and saw a flash if ‘silver’ go by–quickly pulled out my camera, took a shot and when I got upstairs I saw I had taken a picture of a school of minnows!
5 & 6) Talking about Mother Nature it looks like she came through again! I grew this pepper plant from a seed of a pepper I had bought for a salad and every month for over a year I get ONE pepper–no more, no less–one pepper a month!
7) About 2 months ago I took a seed from another pepper and recently it showed about a dozen blooms. Maybe I will get more than one pepper from this group?!?
8, 9 & 10) Looks so beautiful out the window BUT there is a wicked 20-minute storm going on a heavy downpour being blown around by 30-40 winds and the trees looking fierce. 10 minutes it was as if nothing happened. We need rain as we are in a drought but then the hurricane season is coming along!
11 & 12) One of the many unsung heroes! He is delivering free boxes of food to old folks. Each box contains 7 breakfasts (oatmeal, sausage, egg and a fruit cup) and 7 (frozen) dinners and a smile.

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  1. I fear for Floridians. Open beaches already? No good will come of that…

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