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April 20 2020 collage

1) I have a dog calendar on the inside of my medicine cabinet in the kitchen and when I open the cabinet door to take the meds I see April and how can that not make you smile?!
2 & 8) The mod look–just a couple of variations!
7) IT IS SPRING!!! And only a high of 97 degrees!!! (but we never go over 100!)
3 & 5 Before, 4 & 6 After)  I decided not to cut my hair or shave until this is all over so what to do? I know! Shave and cut the plants!! Just hope I don’t kill them!!
Oh yes, my Internet went down for 3 hours–seems the wires in the outside box are getting rotten!
And how was your day?

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  1. I can not even imagine wearing g gloves and a mask in 97 degree temperatures.

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