Neighbors: Friends or Foes?   2 comments

Neighbors friends foes collage

#2 I helped John a bit–we didn’t finish–with his thinking of a post showing step by step how to make the boats he makes out of Mahagony pods. He very nicely ‘rewarded’ me with a carrot cake! #3 While he was here there was a knock on my door and Cathy handed me a very heavy plastic carrier with 2 huge meatballs, sausage and 20 pounds–well, maybe 2–of pasta. She is the same neighbor who made me the Easter Sunday dinner. Her meatballs are the best I have ever had and when she makes them she always makes a couple of extra for me.
Now look at #1–that’s my dinner tonight! Do you think they are just the nice and thoughtful neighbors I talk about OR are they in a conspiracy to make me the fattest resident at Gateway?? I will have to ponder that (and your answer) while I eat dinner.
#4 Maybe one should follow directions when it says ‘do not put in microwave oven’!
#5 Who needs tattoos?? I’ve been taking Warfarin—a blood thinner–for 21 years now and they provide a puzzling black, blue and purple design on my arms which constantly changes. All I have to do is bump my arm and there is a new design plus when I am not careful and cut myself that spot bleeds for weeks. Between my arms and legs I must go through a box of bandages a month! Of course, I could be more careful or wear the very thick hand-guard arm covers that basketball players use and that I bought! Actually it might not look too bad with my mask, gloves and glasses plus my arms might clear up. I just have to remember to put them on around the house and when I go out!
On second thought though I do love hot weather all that covering might be too much. #6 Since March 2 the temperatures have been over 90 degrees 5 out of 7 days a week. The only problem I can think of is that when I walk out the door and my glasses fog up with all the humidity I might fall and have ‘tattoos’ for months if not years! (Maybe I better stay in and just sit at the table eating so I don’t bang into anything or fall?)

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2 responses to “Neighbors: Friends or Foes?

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  1. The thought of consecutive 90 degree days makes me want to crawl into the freezer and cover myself in ice cubes.

  2. MUST





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