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Secret LOve

Being a moviegoer since the Ice Age I know you have to see a lot of bad ones until you get a good one and this past week I did with the first being “Circus of Books” and now “A Secret Love”. When a movie opens with Doris Day singing the title tune under the credits you already know you have a winner!
“A Secret Love” is just that–a story about 2 women who were lovers for over 70 years and for most of them had to lie about it to their own family. They were to meet at a hockey rink 1947, Terry being one of the first professional baseball players in the USA playing with the Peoria Redwings and proud of the fact that she was never traded. We live with them as they have to lie to their family, make another family with who they can be themselves. We see how lesbian bars were raided and if they were wearing fly front pants/slacks they would be arrested and their names published in the newspaper.
We see a couple in love who have to tear their names off letters they write to each other so no one will suspect anything. We watch them as they grow old together with one getting Parkinson’s disease and both go through the aging diseases with the realization they may have to go into assisted living which isn’t easy for Pat to accept.
Something older people will smile at, whether single or not, at the couple, having to get rid of ‘things’ and what one wants to cling to and not let go while the other sees it as being foolish to keep.
While Terry and Pat aren’t quite comfortable with the camera on them every once in awhile you will see a look of pride coming from one or the other.
“A Secret Love” shows a same-sex love story off two women who, instead of having to face hostile homophobia and/or being ostracised going into an assisted living 1 bedroom apartment and leaving the home they have been in for the past 21 years, they have a wedding that not only brings tears to them and those around them but to those who watch this documentary!
Love is love and there is no way you won’t feel good seeing this movie!

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