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Friends during the epidemic!   1 comment

Friends 2
Being a social person it is pretty hard not to be able to go out to the movies, the theatre, restaurants, etc., and/or meet people so one has to adapt and, luckily for me, I have made some new friends over the past 10 weeks and I don’t fail to spend some time with them every day.
First there is the Lizard family: 1) Lenny the dad  3) Larry and Lonnie, the kids, always waiting at the door to come in  4) Lorraine the mother  8 & 10) daughters/sisters Linda and Liz always coming from or going to the pool–the whole family greets me and then go about their business.
2) Bonnie the butterfly who always stops doing whatever she was doing to let me admire her beauty and then she flies off.
5) There is reliable Myrtle in all her glory standing to greet me whenever I go downstairs.
6) My best friend is Lucy who lives next door to me and runs into my apartment any chance she gets. 7) And she always bullies the dalmatian who lives in the building next door.
9) No matter what time I go out Cary Crow is waiting for me near the mailboxes or it could be it is where people leave bread for him to nibble on but I prefer to think it is the former.
12) Now Benny the bird is another story as, like clockwork, he is on the walkway outside my door at 12:30 PM, sun, rain, wind or all 3 waiting for me to give him his half of orange!
11) Well, never know when my friends and I will want to take out the yacht so John keeps it in tip-top shape!

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Memories and laughs!   1 comment

water skiing0001

I’ve kept a diary since I was 10 and every once in awhile, trying to remember something, I’ll look into it for information. Also, I have taken a lot of pictures over the years–was a selfie guy before I even knew what selfie meant–and have spent many hours scanning the pictures in my albums to put them on my computer.
The other day I came across this picture of my failed attempt to water ski in the Mississippi and I wasn’t quite sure about when in 1979 it was taken so I got my 1979 diary and started going through the pages. Obviously it didn’t happen in the beginning because it seems Memphis had a lot of snow (well a lot for Memphis) and some pretty cold day.
Flipping through the pages I saw I went to see Diana Ross, The Village People plus had dinner at the Cafe St. Clair’s and another night at one of my favorite restaurants Palazinno’s–both of which I am sure do not exist anymore. Another night went to see the movie “Main Event” with Streisand but still hadn’t seen anything about Mississippi and then there it was, June 17, “Went to Lake Enid on the Mississippi and attempted to water ski–not a success.” Is there a Lake Enid IN the Mississippi? (Yes, Chuck, I know Chuck, “Google it!” Argh!)
I look at that picture and start laughing out loud because I was at one of the worst times of my life with losing my business, having to leave Memphis and I remember having that fun day! It also reminds me that I’ve had a lot of good times–and good friends–in my life and still do!

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Movies & Series on Netflix–reviews   Leave a comment

Movies and Series on Netflix Reviews
1) “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”–6 part series–the theme is child abuse–very hard to watch and/or hear but a must see– compelling–the director takes a break and moves away from Gabrial’s personal story and as ugly as the situation is in DFC services it is a relief for a few minutes.
2) “Money Heist”–don’t let the idea of it being a 38 part series or totals 1,768 hours of viewing–even before the first part of 13 series/601 minutes you will be all wrapped up in it! Yes, it is all over the place, a lot doesn’t make sense but you can’t wait to see what happens next and to who and why. You don’t want it to end and yet you are asking yourself “Why am I watching this?” You will get involved with the many members of the cast and find yourself rooting for the robbers while wondering how the several love stories will be resolved. Part 3 takes a detour and that’s the only ‘spoiler’ I will give you.
3) “Seberg”–most of you ‘kids’ probably won’t even know who Jean Seberg was but after this 1 hour and 42 minute movie you will not only know her and what she went through but you will be caught by Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of her. She shows Seberg falling apart by forces outside her control. I didn’t buy the FBI agent angle but this is the kind of movie I like!
4) “Lovebirds”–movie–1 hour and 27 minutes–great chemistry between Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani–a lot of funny bits and many funny but stupid bits. It is what used to be a screwball comedy and though far from being memorable it is a good film.
5) “The Great Hack”–1 hour and 54 minutes–There is no doubt Americans were baffled by the 2016 election. This is not anti or pro-Trump but in many ways an interesting, though dry film that, hopefully, will make you think twice about technology and how it rules you!
6) “I Love You, Stupid”–movie–1 hour and 27 minutes–in Spanish with English subtitles–fun while watching but you won’t remember whether you saw it or not 2 minutes after the end.

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Mother Nature–the teaser!!   Leave a comment

Mother Nature teases May 2020
Mother Nature really did it this week. She gave us 2 rainy days with 7-10 inches of rain and then followed that with another 4 inches. Cars were ‘swimming’ in the streets, people were walking in flooded streets and many people who had street-level homes/apartments were doing a lot of mopping. Everything was wet, soggy and damp and then, as if nothing happened, around 7 PM she waves her wand and the sun comes out as if nothing happened. Walkways dry up, sunglasses come out and the humidity goes up. Just heard on the TV weather report that this month will go down as the wettest May ever and June 1 starts hurricane season!!
People come out in their rafts, canoes, kayaks to enjoy it all before the sun fades away in an hour. By the way–maybe she was trying to tell us something like “You humans are idiots!” Just before the rain started it was announced that beaches and restaurants were opening and that the latter could put tables out on the sidewalks. It could be that Mother Nature said that she didn’t want anyone else getting sick so she will make it pour rain so people can’t/won’t sit at restaurant tables or gather in groups on the beach and spread the virus!
Oh, the popcorn and the pepper plant are just a break in the weather. The popcorn is MY streaming snack and the pepper plant is getting ready to give me the one pepper a month–another Mother Nature joke?

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Rainy season in Fort Lauderdale   Leave a comment

Rainy Season is here May 26 2020
Either we are DRY, DRY, hot and humid and, oh yes, DRY or we are getting flooded. Either we are having a drought or we are getting too much rain. Yesterday we had rain falling at 2 and a half inches an hour!
Of course idiots—oh, oh, excuse me–people go racing through the streets in a rush to get home and flood their brakes, get stuck and get home late and soaked.
What I do love though–see the picture with the blue car–one has to walk the dog as soon as it lets a little and the dog has to sniff every blade of grass!

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Memorial Day Weekend   1 comment

Starting raining Friday, and since then, we have had sun showers, light showers, heavy showers, winds and a blimp flying over Fort Lauderdale saluting the First Responders and the lost heroes of too many wars.It is quiet around Gateway and I take a walk every so often in the rain to get out, to get fresh air even if it is wet and then I come back to my haven to have a bite to eat and do one of the many chores on my list that I don’t get around to but instead look at my flowers.Walking around Gateway the only color we have left are the purples of the Queen Crepe Myrtle trees which still dot the property after the new owners took out most of the flowering flora we had like Hibiscus, fruit trees, Frangnipini trees, roses, gardenias, etc.Then I sit in the middle of my living room looking at the cacti, the Geraniums, Begonias, the pepper plants with their bloom(S) knowing, for some reason, I will only get 1 pepper on each plant. Now I am tracking the growth of the seeds I bought at The Dollar Tree in April and patiently wait for the first blooms.Okay, okay, I will clean out one draw!!

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How to dine   Leave a comment

Dinner fit for a King (or you)

More and more people are (were?) cooking and eating at home usually just throwing something together and serving it when it only takes a minute or two longer to dine at home. You can even go one step further and make eating an adventure by serving all items separately and let each person make their own combinations. Or you can just nuke the frozen dinner, plop it on the table and eat.

  1. This particular dinner had chicken, broccoli and rice.
  2. I combined 2 bags of broccoli and cauliflower ‘rice’, a can of low sodium black beans and a can of vegetable linguini. I am a big vegetable eater and I use this combination over 5 days along with whatever vegetables come with the frozen protein dinner.
  3. I combine a can of low sodium, meatless pasta sauce along with a can of medium salsa (which is the reason for the other low sodium items.) Also, a bag of shredded cheese.
  4. All these items could be served separately on a plate or
  5. Combined all together. I top it with the chicken and white rice.
  6. Add a salad made of various lettuces chopped, tomatoes, onions and dressing of your choice and last, for dessert, a pint of fresh strawberries mixed with a bag of defrosted frozen assorted berries top with 2 packets of Sweet ‘n Low. Depending how hungry I am I will eat it all (I love fruit) or divide it among 2-3 meals.

If I wanted to go all out I would wear my silk bathrobe to eat a dinner fit for a King!

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Netflix–reviews   Leave a comment

1) Marc Maron Netflix “End Times Fun”  1 hour & 11 minutes    6) Patton Oswalt  Netflix  1 hour and 7 minutes “I Love Everything”
Granted I am not a big fan of standup comics but I can honestly say after 2 hours and 18 minutes I laughed a total of, maybe, 3 minutes. I didn’t find either man funny plus their endings were too eerily similar let alone too unfunny.5) Comedian Darrell Hammond stars in a documentary “Cracked Up” Netflix 1 hour and 35 minutes. I was not familiar with Hammond though he played many characters over a 14 year period on “Saturday Night Live” known worldwide for ‘being’ Bill Clinton and Sean Connery among others. Most of his life he was addicted to various addictions and wears a ‘badge of honor’ consisting of self-inflected cuttings on his life arm. At about the 50-minute section, I found myself holding my breath for the next 15-20 minutes learning of the horrible abuse he went through as a child. Not easy to watch but certainly worth your time.2) “Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall” Netflix  1 hour and 25 minutes  I am not familiar with Platt’s movie work and except for a duet with Lin-Manual Miranda of “Story of Tonight” and “You Will Be Found” for March For Our Lives last year plus the fact that he became the sensation of Broadway in 2016 playing the title role. Due to the latter I had listened to the original Broadway cast album a few times and was impressed with his vocals. He was also the lead in the first season of “The Politician” on Netflix. Radio City Music Hall was filled to the rafters with his fans plus his parents and siblings and he is most touching talking about his mother and, especially, father.The best part of the show is his talking between songs when he talks about coming out to his folks when he was 12, which is very funny, his being gay, and his various experiences with men and his constant battle with anxiety.  His songs are from his 2019 debut album “Sing To Me Instead” with all original music written by him. (He does do one Elton John song.)  This is where I had a problem with Platt. His lyrics are fantastic and moving but he sounds the same on all his songs with the same phrasing and sounds. The songs are mainly about his past and they are typical of a young man growing up. I hope his next album will show what he showed in “Dear Evan Hanson”, which by the way he doesn’t sing any of the songs from that show which is a mistake in my opinion as he should have sung one. His most moving song was “If You Have To Hurt Me” and I am looking forward to his next album and/or show.4) “Trial By Media”–documentary–Netflix–6 episodes running from 58 to 64 minutes each.  We follow 6 cases that were just as the title says, the trial blasted across the media. My interest was highlighted by the fact I knew/remembered most of the cases from the Bernard Goetz case of a man who shot 4 black teenagers in a New York subway to a gay man killed by a non-gay man after confessing his crush to him on the Jenny Jones talk show to one case which became an Oscar winner for Jody Foster called “The Accused”.
Both the cases and what you may think were the media influences makes “Trial By Media” worth watching.8) “The Wrong Missy”–Netflix–1 hour and 30 minutes–is a wrong miss from beginning to end! I want my 90 minutes back!9) “Love Jacked”–Netflix–1 hour and 38 minutes–Not bad, not good. If you have nothing to do for 98 minutes you could do worse than seeing this, like watching #8!!!!3) “Dead To Me”–Netflix–Season 1–10 episodes running 27-33 minutes each. A mystery soap opera with constant twists. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star and bring that something ‘extra’ to keep each episode bringing you to the next.7) “White Lines”–Netflix–10 episodes running from 51 to 63 minutes for a total of 9 hours and 6 minutes. This would have been an excellent series if it had been told in a linear fashion and cut down to about 6 hours. As it is “White Lines” is entertaining, the scenery in Ibiza eye-catching and the adults handling the ever happening twists from the younger kids they were. I had no idea where they were heading but with fast forward skipping some non-essential repetitive scenes I was happy with the ending!

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First step to normal??   1 comment

Hair collage
ARGH!!!! I tried a new collage site and got the text wrong!! Well, that’s back to normal for me!!
The top 6 pictures are before I got a haircut followed by 4 pictures after the haircut and the bottom 2 pictures are with the crewcut and all shaved (except the mustache) which by the way I cut my bottom lip shaving!!
Now back to my haircut ‘routine’–a crewcut every 3-4 months.
Next on the list is eating out IN a restaurant and after that going to a real movie theatre not Netflix on a TV screen. When that will happen I don’t know but someone on the TV news said it looks like July 21 might be the test time for the movie theatres.
All I have to wait for—patiently?–are Broadway shows to come back!!

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Raining   Leave a comment

Rainy Season during and after May 19 2020
I need to get a better camera!! In the 3rd picture on the top it was so dark I had to put the light on!!  On the ‘bottom’ section the sun was as bright as could be!  ARGH!! You can basically see the difference between that picture and the one on the left of the after trio.
In any case, it started pouring at 2 PM and came down in a heavy curtain of rain! I would say 2-3 inches in about a half-hour. It is now 4 PM and except for puddles you would never know it even rained!! (See the last picture on the right bottom of both sections.)
I remember ‘the good old days’ when it would rain at 4 every afternoon and you wouldn’t know it rained by 6 PM. We used to joke it was to get the tourists off the beach so they could go back to their hotel room, take a shower, a nap and then go out for dinner! In the 70s and 80s it wouldn’t rain until about 2 PM so you knew you had to get everything done by Noon or in the evening. Climate change? Now we never know when it is going to rain though we very seldom have an all-day rain unless it is a hurricane and we have only had 1 in the past decade.
I don’t know why but whether it is rain or a hurricane Miami always gets more and it is worse than here in Fort Lauderdale!
Welcome to the rainy season in Florida!

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