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Rainy Season during and after May 19 2020
I need to get a better camera!! In the 3rd picture on the top it was so dark I had to put the light on!!  On the ‘bottom’ section the sun was as bright as could be!  ARGH!! You can basically see the difference between that picture and the one on the left of the after trio.
In any case, it started pouring at 2 PM and came down in a heavy curtain of rain! I would say 2-3 inches in about a half-hour. It is now 4 PM and except for puddles you would never know it even rained!! (See the last picture on the right bottom of both sections.)
I remember ‘the good old days’ when it would rain at 4 every afternoon and you wouldn’t know it rained by 6 PM. We used to joke it was to get the tourists off the beach so they could go back to their hotel room, take a shower, a nap and then go out for dinner! In the 70s and 80s it wouldn’t rain until about 2 PM so you knew you had to get everything done by Noon or in the evening. Climate change? Now we never know when it is going to rain though we very seldom have an all-day rain unless it is a hurricane and we have only had 1 in the past decade.
I don’t know why but whether it is rain or a hurricane Miami always gets more and it is worse than here in Fort Lauderdale!
Welcome to the rainy season in Florida!

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