First step to normal??   1 comment

Hair collage
ARGH!!!! I tried a new collage site and got the text wrong!! Well, that’s back to normal for me!!
The top 6 pictures are before I got a haircut followed by 4 pictures after the haircut and the bottom 2 pictures are with the crewcut and all shaved (except the mustache) which by the way I cut my bottom lip shaving!!
Now back to my haircut ‘routine’–a crewcut every 3-4 months.
Next on the list is eating out IN a restaurant and after that going to a real movie theatre not Netflix on a TV screen. When that will happen I don’t know but someone on the TV news said it looks like July 21 might be the test time for the movie theatres.
All I have to wait for—patiently?–are Broadway shows to come back!!

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One response to “First step to normal??

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  1. As much as I miss normal activities, I just don’t trust people enough to resume them yet.

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