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Dinner fit for a King (or you)

More and more people are (were?) cooking and eating at home usually just throwing something together and serving it when it only takes a minute or two longer to dine at home. You can even go one step further and make eating an adventure by serving all items separately and let each person make their own combinations. Or you can just nuke the frozen dinner, plop it on the table and eat.

  1. This particular dinner had chicken, broccoli and rice.
  2. I combined 2 bags of broccoli and cauliflower ‘rice’, a can of low sodium black beans and a can of vegetable linguini. I am a big vegetable eater and I use this combination over 5 days along with whatever vegetables come with the frozen protein dinner.
  3. I combine a can of low sodium, meatless pasta sauce along with a can of medium salsa (which is the reason for the other low sodium items.) Also, a bag of shredded cheese.
  4. All these items could be served separately on a plate or
  5. Combined all together. I top it with the chicken and white rice.
  6. Add a salad made of various lettuces chopped, tomatoes, onions and dressing of your choice and last, for dessert, a pint of fresh strawberries mixed with a bag of defrosted frozen assorted berries top with 2 packets of Sweet ‘n Low. Depending how hungry I am I will eat it all (I love fruit) or divide it among 2-3 meals.

If I wanted to go all out I would wear my silk bathrobe to eat a dinner fit for a King!

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