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Mother Nature teases May 2020
Mother Nature really did it this week. She gave us 2 rainy days with 7-10 inches of rain and then followed that with another 4 inches. Cars were ‘swimming’ in the streets, people were walking in flooded streets and many people who had street-level homes/apartments were doing a lot of mopping. Everything was wet, soggy and damp and then, as if nothing happened, around 7 PM she waves her wand and the sun comes out as if nothing happened. Walkways dry up, sunglasses come out and the humidity goes up. Just heard on the TV weather report that this month will go down as the wettest May ever and June 1 starts hurricane season!!
People come out in their rafts, canoes, kayaks to enjoy it all before the sun fades away in an hour. By the way–maybe she was trying to tell us something like “You humans are idiots!” Just before the rain started it was announced that beaches and restaurants were opening and that the latter could put tables out on the sidewalks. It could be that Mother Nature said that she didn’t want anyone else getting sick so she will make it pour rain so people can’t/won’t sit at restaurant tables or gather in groups on the beach and spread the virus!
Oh, the popcorn and the pepper plant are just a break in the weather. The popcorn is MY streaming snack and the pepper plant is getting ready to give me the one pepper a month–another Mother Nature joke?

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