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Movies and Series on Netflix Reviews
1) “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”–6 part series–the theme is child abuse–very hard to watch and/or hear but a must see– compelling–the director takes a break and moves away from Gabrial’s personal story and as ugly as the situation is in DFC services it is a relief for a few minutes.
2) “Money Heist”–don’t let the idea of it being a 38 part series or totals 1,768 hours of viewing–even before the first part of 13 series/601 minutes you will be all wrapped up in it! Yes, it is all over the place, a lot doesn’t make sense but you can’t wait to see what happens next and to who and why. You don’t want it to end and yet you are asking yourself “Why am I watching this?” You will get involved with the many members of the cast and find yourself rooting for the robbers while wondering how the several love stories will be resolved. Part 3 takes a detour and that’s the only ‘spoiler’ I will give you.
3) “Seberg”–most of you ‘kids’ probably won’t even know who Jean Seberg was but after this 1 hour and 42 minute movie you will not only know her and what she went through but you will be caught by Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of her. She shows Seberg falling apart by forces outside her control. I didn’t buy the FBI agent angle but this is the kind of movie I like!
4) “Lovebirds”–movie–1 hour and 27 minutes–great chemistry between Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani–a lot of funny bits and many funny but stupid bits. It is what used to be a screwball comedy and though far from being memorable it is a good film.
5) “The Great Hack”–1 hour and 54 minutes–There is no doubt Americans were baffled by the 2016 election. This is not anti or pro-Trump but in many ways an interesting, though dry film that, hopefully, will make you think twice about technology and how it rules you!
6) “I Love You, Stupid”–movie–1 hour and 27 minutes–in Spanish with English subtitles–fun while watching but you won’t remember whether you saw it or not 2 minutes after the end.

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