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Patriot Act

I had watched 2 bad movies on Netflix and I needed something, anything, that would make me forget them so I looked at the Netflix most-watched list and saw “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” and decided to see what it was all about. I almost turned it off immediately as it looked like a standup comedy act and that is NOT my thing! Before I knew it I was watching the next 7 episodes!
It is a political comedy show dealing with current events. Not only is he funny but he looks at a subject from all angles, offers solutions, goes into depth about all the topics with each running about 20-25 minutes. I might be dumb about all the world’s problems but I listened, laughed and learned.
He has been doing this show for about 6 seasons with 32 episodes, different topics each episode. I understand originally they were done on youtube and at this end of this, I put one of the segments you can watch and get an idea about him.
Not knowing much about him I did some research and was surprised to learn that he has won 2 Peabody awards—not that he won them because he certainly deserves them–but that I hadn’t heard of him. He was also on The Daily Show.
Depending on which segment you watch first you may think he is a raving liberal or a far right-wing conservative but he rails against both sides, mainly against politicians who don’t do their job.
Some of the topics he cancels are: old age over 65, CONVID-19 virus, meat plants, weed, defining racists, equity programs, most hoarded item during epidemic (no, not toilet paper), the recent protests, obesity, the rent problem and if you can’t pay it (see below), 2.3 million didn’t pay rent on April, the end of affirmative action and more. Remember he tackles only one subject a week and because of his background—Indian-American of South Asian parents, raised in California–he can and does go further on a topic than most political ‘comics’ would.
He had me laughing, thinking and learning and I plan on seeing all of his 32 sessions whether on Netflix or youtube. He introduces a new episode on Sunday.
Here is one of his episodes which really stayed with me as it goes somewhere I wasn’t aware of and though landlords won’t appreciate a lot of what he says at the beginning they should hang in there— come on, it is only 21 minutes!–and see what’s in store for them. If you don’t get Netflix watch some of his episodes on youtube!

What Happens when you can’t pay the rent?

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