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After the rain 2 (2)

(I took this last night after the heavy rains from right outside my 3rd-floor apartment!)

Gateway Terrace Apartments is where I live and I love it!

The first URL is a drone film of the apartments–scroll down for the video–my building is just on the left across from the yacht in the opening shot and about at the minute mark where you see the 2 red cars is the other side of my building


The second URL gives a lot more information about the buildings, apartments, surroundings, etc., but be sure to scroll all the way down and you will see why a car is almost necessary to live here but I’ve managed the last 16 years without a car!
Sadly the waiting list is long and depends on how many old people can’t live on their own anymore and have to move in with family or to a nursing home or assisted living or rehab or hospice or die.
I ain’t going folks so forget getting my apartment!

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