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TV reviews week of June 14

1) Beecham House PBS Sunday 10 PM–6 episodes–I was really impressed with the settings and cast– looking forward to the next 5 Sundays BUT I just read in the Hollywood Reporter that it has a major cliffhanger but hasn’t been renewed for a 2nd season so watch it at your own risk.
2) Da 5 Bloods–Netflix–Spike Lee’s new movie–at 2 hours and 36 minutes too long–he tries to cover too much–direction is excellent as is the cast but needed/needs more editing.
3) Grantchester–PBS Sunday 9 PM–Season 5 (first 4 seasons available on Prime Video) It is my first time seeing this show and while not ‘a must-see’ it is enjoyable enough for me to see the whole season.
4) The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour and 45 minutes–Something that should have interested me but didn’t–instead of concentrating on the title person, a rule breaker in many ways starting with being a transgender activist, 2/3rds of the film is given to non-interesting people.
5)  *What Happened, Miss Simone?–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour and 42 minutes–if you are familiar with Miss Simone or ever heard her sing “Mississippi, G-d Damn” or you are not familiar with her this is still a MUST SEE! Okay, I am a huge fan of hers, used to have every recording of hers and saw her in person 8 times but was totally unaware of her being brutalized by her policeman husband, who wasn’t/isn’t the least apologetic among other surprises. The fact that I never fail to get a tear in my eye when she sings “I Loves You Porgy” always amazes me.
6) The Woods–Netflix–Series–6 episodes–5 hours and 6 minutes–I know I watched the first episode but I don’t remember it at all nor do I remember if I watched any of the other episodes–can I blame old age? Or it was/is just bad? And/or boring?
Reminder: *MUST SEE “Hamilton” on Disney+ July 3–Hasan Minhaj, a political comedian on Netflix–Money Heist series on Netflix–What Happened, Miss Simone (see #5)

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