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Peppers and Christmas cactus in June 2020

Mother Nature pulled a quick one on me!! I’ve been boasting about my crazy “Christmas” cactus for some time now as it blooms every month besides Christmas and I thought it was letting me down this month when I spotted the single bloom in the picture!! It is the only bloom and there isn’t a single bud on any of the other ‘branches’–are they called branches?
Now, for the last time for awhile unless Mother Nature pulls another trick, I am talking about my pepper plants! I have 5 plants and each one gave me a single pepper!! I was going to take the seeds from these peppers and start a few more plants but aside from the 5 plants I already have I think either The Dollar Tree or Mother Nature is playing games with me as some of the seeds I planted from the packages I bought a couple of months ago don’t look like the Daisies and Coneflowers blooms they are supposed to be!! They look like more pepper blooms!
Aside from too many pepper plants because I take Warfarin as a blood thinner I have to watch my intake of green color veggies and I already eat a lot of salad greens so if you want pepper seeds–or plants–just tell em and they are yours!

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