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Building D June 2020

It is 5 PM and we had a brief shower but now it is sunny, about 83 degrees and everything has that new look about it.
I took these pictures 2 days ago when it was more cloudy but someone wanted to know if the only way to my apartment was walking upstairs and I explained that I had 3 choices with 1 being walking up the stairs on the north side from the parking lot or on the south side, the canal-side (#s 1,3,4), with the 3rd being using the elevator.
Picture # 6 is from the elevator exit and to get to my apartment I use the walkway with the entrance to my building right under where the #6 is and then the door is to the right.
#2 looking at the 3 story building behind “Wilma:—I named the tree Wilma after it had been stripped bare from the hurricane of the same name and grew back as if nothing happened though the garden crew thin it out every hurricane season which starts June 1–my apartment is on the third floor on the right.
Picture #5 is the view from the walkway directly in front of the entrance door.
Now you aren’t going to ask me if I take one of the stair entrances or the elevator are you? LOL

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  1. Such a shame they cut everything down. It looks rather barren.

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