Life Week of June 20 2020 Good and Bad so far   1 comment

Life Good and Bad week of June 20 2020
It is not really easy to keep your cool when everything is a mess but getting angry isn’t the answer!
I had a dentist’s appointment for Monday at 12:10 PM  and I arranged transportation which arrived on time and I got to the office at 12:05 PM only to find it shut. I thought that maybe they were late getting back from lunch but when I called their number I was just told to leave a message. I decided to call their main office and after listening to “We appreciate your call” every 10 SECONDS for 20 MINUTES I decided to call it quits!
Luckily I had asked the driver to wait when we first drove up so he was there when I wanted to go home. I sent emails to the main office and the secondary office never getting an answer. Today I decided to call the office again and I was told the office was closed until the end of July. Now was the time to explode if I ever was going to but I know that’s a waste of time and the lady who was talking to me was very nice and apologizing all over the place. She said I should have been notified wither by email or a call or even a text to tell me the office was closed and did ask me if I wanted to make an appointment for another office but I said no that I would make another one for this one and will call before I go next time!
Previous to that, I had to go to LabCorp to have my blood drawn for my quarterly physical which was to take place today. LabCorp is a nightmare and you wind up having to stand in the hot sun if you don’t have a car until they are ready to unlock the door to let you in!! Due to the COVID-19 virus instead of my doctor’s nurse taking the blood and sending it out they were doing this. When I got there today Michelle said I was not the first to complain and hopefully when I am ready for the next quarter they will have been back to the old way.
In any case, I sat with my doctor this afternoon and he said everything looked excellent that I should keep on doing what I have been doing to get such good numbers! I told him that he is prescribing  I have at least 1 carrot cake a month and he that if that was doing it fine but not to forget it wasn’t helping the numbers on the scale! Spoilsport!
The two pictures taken at The Point is just to show you the rough life I have and the picture of me is just because I had an empty square! Lenny, Lori and Karl say hello!

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  1. Glad you had positive results at the doctors, keep up the good work.
    And cake!

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