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1) “The Speed Cuber”–Netflix–documentary–40 minutes–WOW! I never knew there was such a thing as speedcubing world championships nor was I aware that someone could solve a Rubik’s Cube with one hand let alone before you know they did. I certainly wasn’t aware that I would get so involved in what I would call a ‘sport for nerves’ and regret that I ever thought so or called it that! What really holds your interest is the story that ties Feliks Zemdegs, king of the cubers, and Max Parker who is beating all the former’s records and both becoming fast friends with Max, who is on the autistic spectrum, learning socialization from Feliks. You want both to win the present championship which isn’t possible but more than that you don’t want this film to end. It was made in Australia in Sidney and Melbourne.2) “Love on the Spectrum”–Netflix–reality show–5 episodes–3 hours and 33 minutes–also made in Australia and dealing with autism. I don’t watch ‘looking for love’ a la “The Batchelor” and why I started watching this I have no idea. On the one hand, I know very little about autism and I found this from the get-go joyful, warm and a learning experience. Plus seeing them wanting to fall in love and having families while in many cases lacking what would be called social skills is touching and hurts when they are disappointed and on the other hand a lot of fun when they are having fun. This is definitely on the WOW! scale.By the way, in both movies, the parents of all deserve a lot of credit for being no different than other parents.
3) “Radioactive”–Amazon Pride–movie biography–1 hour and 43 minutes. Under normal circumstances this film would have opened in movie theatres and there would be a lot of word of mouth about Rosamund Pike being nominated for an Oscar, deservedly, and possibly the film, just as Greer Garson and “Madame Curie” were in 1943. Oh, that’s right, you would have to be of a ‘certain age’ to know who Greer Garson and I am so all I could think of was her as I watched this film. Yes, Pike is excellent and this film goes into much more than the other one did and covers a longer period and holds your interest. I do recommend it and wonder why I still want to see the 1943 film again?4) “Desperados”–Netflix–movie–1 hour and 45 minutes–A comedy that isn’t funny, a film about women written by a woman who doesn’t seem to think too much of women! Not worth the time!

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More quotes (Thanks Alex!)


“Darling, they’ve absolutlely ruined your perfectly dreadful play.”

— Talullah Bankhead to Tennessee Williams after seeing the film version of one of his plays

“When I get hold of her, I’ll tear out every hair of her mustache!”

— Talullah Bankhead about Bette Davis

“Ingrid Bergman speaks five languages and can’t act in any of them.”

— John Gielgud on Ingrid Bergman

“She has a cult, and what the hell is a cult except a gang of rebels without a cause. I have fans. There’s a big difference.”

— Joan Crawford on Bette Davis

“I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.”

— Bette Davis on Joan Crawford

“He needed willowy or boyish girls like Katharine Hepburn to make him look what they now call macho. If I’d costarred with Grant or if Crawford had, we’d have eaten him for breakfast.”

—Bette Davis on Cary Grant

“Mr. Dean appears to be wearing my last year’s wardrobe and using my last year’s talent.”

— Marlon Brando on James Dean

 – – – – – – – –

Wilde Child

Oscar Wilde was the king of the epigram, bon mot, scathing remark, and witty double entendre.

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”

“Of course, America had often been discovered before Columbus, but it had always been hushed up.”

“I don’t recognize you — I’ve changed a lot.”

“America is one long expectoration.”

“She is a peacock in everything but beauty.”

“He would stab his best friend for the sake of writing an epigram on his tombstone.”

“A monstrous orchid.”

— Oscar Wilde on Aubrey Beardsley

 – – – – – – – – – – – –

Lit Bitchery

My mother used to tell me, “If you spent half as much time on your homework as you did thinking up all those nasty things to say about your friends, you’d have a scholarship to Harvard.” Tell that to Gore Vidal, Mom.

“He is the same old sausage, fizzing and sputtering in his own grease.”

— Henry James

“She was like a sinking ship firing on the rescuers.”

— Alexander Woollcott

“Reading Proust is like bathing in someone else’s dirty water.”

— Alexander Woolcott on Marcel Proust

“No one reads him, they hear of him.”

— Gore Vidal on Norman Mailer

“In her last days she resembled a spoiled pear.”

— Gore Vidal on Gertrude Stein

“The only genius with an IQ of sixty.”

— Gore Vidal on Andy Warhol

“Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the.”

— Mary McCarthy, in a statement about Hellman in a 1979 interview on The Dick Cavett Show; this prompted a defamation suit against McCarthy which was dropped after Hellman’s death. Later McCarthy said “If someone had told me, don’t say anything about Lillian Hellman because she’ll sue you, it wouldn’t have stopped me. It might have spurred me on.”


Mean Girls

“Tell me, is there anything you wish you hadn’t eaten?

— Dame Enda to Roseanne

“The male chromosome is an incomplete female chromosome. In other words the male is a walking abortion; aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.”

— Valerie Solanos

“Teflon brain (nothing sticks).”

— Lily Tomlin

“If you ever become a mother, can I have one of the puppies?”

— Charles Pierce


Truman Capote

Truman was great at both saying mean things and inspiring the enmity of others. It’s a special talent.

“That isn’t writing at all, it’s typing.”

— Truman Capote about Jack Kerouac’s On the Road

“I always said little Truman had a voice so high it could only be detected by bats.”

— Tennessee Williams on Truman Capote

“It was a good career move.”

— Gore Vidal on Truman Capote’s death



“She plunged into a sea of platitudes, and with the powerful breast stroke of a channel swimmer, made her confident way towards the white cliffs of the obvious.”

— W. Somerset Maugham

“She proceeds to dip her little fountain-pen filler into pots of oily venom and to squirt the mixture at all her friends.”

— Harold Nicholson

“You were born with your legs apart. They’ll send you to the grave in a Y-shaped coffin.”

— Joe Orton

“Nature not content with denying him the ability to think, has endowed him with the ability to write.”

— A. E. Housman

“Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington is so boring, you fall asleep halfway through her name.”

— Alan Bennett

“Nature played a cruel trick on her by giving her a waxed mustache.”

— Alan Bennett

Noël Coward deserves his own page. Even the nice things he said sounded mean.

“I see her as one great stampede of lips directed at the nearest derriere.”

— Noël Coward

“She had much in common with Hitler, only no mustache.”

— Noël Coward

“He’s completely unspoiled by failure.”

— Noël Coward

“The easiest way for you to lose 10 pounds is just to take off your wig.”

— Madonna to Elton John

“She looks like a fucking fairground stripper.”

— Elton on Madonna

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A rant with questions!! :O)   1 comment

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With the million dollar smile!

I went to my dentist yesterday to have my 1 of 2 ‘free’ insurance cleanings–the last time they charged me for a ‘deep’ cleaning and I questioned it and told them I saw no difference than a regular cleaning but I went ahead and paid it.
I had an appointment in June–got there on time–they were completely shut down but never called me to cancel the appointment.
Okay, it is a crazy time so I didn’t make a big deal of it and came for the new appointment, got my teeth cleaned, no big deal and as I was leaving, going out the door, I was told that I had to stop at the desk and I was told I owed $45 for the cleaning and I asked, “Why?” and the answer I got was “He irrigated and cleaned the teeth,” and I brought up that I don’t ever recall getting my teeth cleaned without getting some irrigation and I mentioned the previous ‘over-charge’.
She said she could discount the irrigation charge but she would have to charge me $15 for—didn’t get the words quite right–‘virus protection’! My receipt has nothing down about what the charge is for!! I have heard about restaurants adding some sort of virus charge but this was the first time I was hit with ‘it’–no signs around about the charge was not told about the charge, etc.
Is this some sort of scam? Are all dentists charging this? Adding insult to injury I received an email when I got home and they asked me to add any comments I had so I sent this to them–still waiting for a response! “Why aren’t there signs about the $15 “Virus Protection” charge? Why wasn’t I informed about the charge beforehand? Why isn’t the charge stated as such on my receipt? I get 2 ‘free’ cleanings a year under my insurance plan—so far I have had 2 cleaning appointments—both not ‘free’—and I was not informed of the extra charges when I went in for an appointment. Why do I leave the office with a ‘sour taste’ in my mouth, feeling as if I have been ripped off?”
Waiting for their reply, which I expect to be a non-answer!!

End of rant–ah, I feel better!!

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Finally–3 funny comedians!!   Leave a comment

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1) Jeanne Robertson– videos–6’2″, former Miss North Carolina, former Physical Education teacher, formerly a blond, now white-haired (her words), a motivational speaker who believes humor is a strategy for success! Just watch her “Don’t let a Man Go Shopping”, “The Great Marmot Standoff” or “The Baton”–the first about her husband, the second about her son (in the audience) and the third about a potential beauty contest winner and a baton! I laughed constantly at all 3 as I did at many other of her videos! Here’s the first!

2) Jim Gaffigan–Amazon Prime–“The Pale Tourist”–2 episodes–the first is 45 minutes and takes place in Canada and the second in Spain 50 minutes. Known as “The Clean Comedian” he is slightly off-color regarding body parts but he doesn’t yell, didn’t use the ‘f’ word, talks about food a lot, especially in the Spain segment but mostly talks about everyday life including his 5 kids!3) Jack Whitehall–Netflix–“I’m Only Joking”–58 minutes–Yes, he is loud, uses the ‘F’ word, does a lot of dirty bits but he is young, thin, English and funny! And then there is “Travels With My Father”– 3 seasons with the first 6 episodes totaling 3 hours and 4 minutes, the second 5 episodes totaling 2 hours and 13 minutes and the third 2 episodes totaling 1 hour and 39 minutes. Father and son don’t have chemistry but both are very funny. The father, Michael, is very sarcastic–to his son–“You couldn’t score in a brothel!”–as only an elderly British man can be while Jack is hilarious with his reactions to his father in some everyday situations in their travels. The episode when the father is faced with a very ultra bidget or in another country with having to use an outdoor facility—or not–is laugh out loud funny. They may not appear to have chemistry between them as comedians but they certainly have a positive, caring, loving relationship as father and son!Another Jeanne Robertson video

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A week in July 2020 in Fort Lauderdale AKA my home!   Leave a comment

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It is 5:30 PM Sunday, July 26, 2020, and it is cooling off–only 87 degrees—which means the rain clouds are starting to move in but right now it is just another beautiful day in Fort Lauderdale ending another great week in South Florida, virus or no virus.

1, 2 & 5) from inside my apartment  3) my ‘neighbor’ Lucy waiting for me to come out knowing it is usually about this time I go down for the mail but it is Sunday and no mail so I will take a walk down to the elevator and back so she can get on with her routine! 4 & 8) new peppers growing.

6 & 10) Lenny the lizard, like Larry his friend, waiting for me to come back from the mailboxes so they can go back to their woodpile  7) looking out from the elevator walkway.

9) Last night watched members of the original cast of “A Chorus Line” getting together to celebrate its 45 anniversary–I am looking forward to 2025 when, hopefully, they will do a revival (and NOT update it too much!) and tour with it, coming to Fort Lauderdale when, hopefully, theatre will have returned to ‘normal’. With as many times as I have seen it and read all the books about it, I was surprised to learn that Michael Bennett (not like him!) allowed the original ‘Richie’ to make up the choreography for “Gimme The Ball”!

11) They finally finished the dumpster project–the residents will still have water up to their ankles when they throw out their garbage but the dumpster wheels will be nice and dry!

12) It has been 50 (!!!!) years since I went to South America and Australia/New Zealand and for souvenirs I framed the money I had left from both trips–top  South America and bottom Australia/New Zealand–wonder if they are worth anything?

And tomorrow I start off a new week going to the dentist!!

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Netflix–5 documentaries–reviews   Leave a comment

1) “Cheer”–6 episodes–5 hours and 57 minutes–interesting from various angles: the work these kids put in every day is phenomenal–don’t think most professional athletes could keep up with them. For many this is their only chance in life–some of the backstories are heartbreaking. Many of the routines are jaw-dropping. Their coach, Monica Aldama, expects the best of them, is hard on them but is there for each and every one of them when she is needed. Their injuries can make you cringe and you wonder, in the end, is it worth the trophy and, then, what, if anything, is there for these kids after the final competition?  Definitely worth seeing!
2) “The Silence of Others”–1 hour and 7 minutes–3 different stories intertwined chronicling Spain’s battles regarding the past, basically Franco’s rule and the present dealing with it. We see police attacking civilians, a wall built between loved ones, children who were taken away from their parents, laws made to prevent criminals from being prosecuted and, though meant not to it makes you compare what is happening today. It centers around an Amnesty Law passed in 1977 to forget the past as knocking down statues today in the USA hopes to attain!  In many instances, it tears at your heart such as an 88-year-old daughter given the bones of her father killed in his twenties and buried in a mass grave.
3) “Father Soldier Son”–1 hour and thirty-nine minutes. A very touching film about a man who fills all 3 roles. This is the story of the father, soldier and son who returns and what happens after. Very touching at times while hard to watch at certain points.
4) “The Last Dance”–10 episodes–8 hours and 11 minutes–Many see Michael Jordon as one of the great basketball players ever if not the greatest athlete ever and he will agree with you. Yes he is sure of himself, he feels he is very competitive and does not believes team should be spelled without an I and he is the I. The film revolves around him and the Bulls, the team he believes needed him and in many ways proved that was true. There is some time given to other players like Dennis Rodman who was finding (losing?) himself,  Scottie Pippen who always delivered but felt he was way underpaid, Magic Johnson, the coaches, owners but there is no forgetting this is about Jordan and his need to be the best at everything. I had two problems with the documentary with the first being a constant going back and forth in time and the second being too many basketball games which become repetitious over time as only one shows Jordon being responsible for a loss so the rest are of him making a basket from everywhere and anywhere.5) “The Business of Drugs”–6 episodes–4 hours and 16 minutes–Informative in a boring presentation.

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“Eastsiders”–series–A MUST SEE for all adults   Leave a comment

Netflix–4 seasons–total 10 hours and 21 minutes—yes, many episodes are 15 minutes or less.I don’t recall what season I started watching this show but it certainly wasn’t the first. In any case, after a few minutes, I was ready to turn it off as I thought it was one of those tacky, stereotypical badly made soft porn gay movies but before I knew it I was caught up and watching it, going back to the first season and first episode.“Eastsiders” started out as a web series on Youtube funded by a Kickstarter campaign then was picked up by for distribution through Logo TV’s website, went on Vimeo’s demand service and then was sold to Netflix and also was made available on DVDs by Wolfe.It is a show about relationships, all kinds, though the main focus is on Thom and Cal who, when we meet them, have been together for 6 years. We quickly get to met Cal’s mother who is divorced from his father, doesn’t really like Thom but acknowledges their relationship. We also meet Kathy, who goes on a “Cats” tour though she can sing but not dance and has been going with Cal’s best friend non-gay Ian for 6 months, her longest relationship. Cal’s sister has broken up with her boyfriend and is now ‘seeing’ a woman. Yes, it is about all kinds of relationships from a drag queen and his manager both defining what ‘versatile’ means and couples who have an ‘open’ relationship and those who don’t but cheat on each other and a black doctor and his desire to have a family and who’s white lover is a house husband and doesn’t want children until they foster a young Latina.  There is the leather crowd, the asexual woman, the old couple staying together because they would be alone otherwise. There are people who drink too much causing problems not only for themselves but for those around them.Yes, there is soft porn and a lot of stereotyping but there isn’t a gay person who won’t learn something not only about themselves and other gay people but also non-gay people just as non-gays will find out that in many ways they are no different than gay people, especially when it comes to relationships. There are implied orgies along with all sorts of combinations just as there all kinds of friendships between men and women, men and men, women and women along with a lot of new terms to viewers.It has, to me, the annoying going back and forth in time and too many of the guys are look-alikes but there was no way I was going to not watch it and I am going to give it a little time before I watch it again. There is nudity, not frontal, and the ‘f’ word along with other ‘4 letter words’ but they are used as people use them in real life. You can see the difference as to when the producers didn’t have much money and when they started getting a ‘bankroll’.
Anyone who watches this will learn some things they never knew and might even see themselves reflected.

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Netflix & Amazon Pride movie and series reviews week of July 13, 2020   Leave a comment

1) “The Old Guard”–movie–2 hours–action Sci Fi thriller–Took me a few minutes to recognize Charlize with the black hair–she is excellent–breakout turn by Kiki Layne–a good movie–definitely looks like a set up for a series NETFLIX
2) “Stateless” –series–6 episodes–total 5 hours 16 minutes–true story–revolves around 4 people–very involving and interesting–the main location is an Australian detention center NETFLIX
3) #AnneFrank–documentary–1 hour 32 minutes–I’ve read Anne Frank’s diary, seen a play based on the diary, saw the movie based on the diary–she is a part of my growing up–don’t believe I am saying this but Helen Mirren shouldn’t have read the diary as she is distracting. We follow a young girl who tries to recreate Anne’s journey and how she identifies with her today. The horror of the camps, the burying of hundreds of bodies in one grave, are too real to ever forget. “When you destroy children you destroy possibilities.” NETFLIX
4) “Disclosure”–documentary–1 hour 40 minutes–it is about transgender representation in TV and movies and the lack of same in the past–an interesting look at a subject not too many people know about or understand. NETFLIX
5) “ZERO-ZERO-ZERO”–series–8 episodes–7 hours 28 minutes–a film about the drug trade revolving around the cocaine made by a Mexican Cartel, the transportation from America to Italy by an American family and then the Italian crime syndicate will distribute throughout the world. Starts slowly and somewhat confusing but gets to you.  AMAZON PRIDE6) “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”–film–2 hours 3 minutes–I have never liked Will Ferrell and this didn’t help. The only redeeming feature was the appearance of Pierce Bronson. NETFLIX7) “Fatal Affair”–movie–1 hour 29 minutes–watch only the last 15 minutes and you will see a good movie and know what proceeded it without having to watch it. Where is Glenn Close when you need her?  NETFLIXA complete separate review of “Eastsiders” tomorrow because it deserves one–a MUST SEE SERIES!

One never knows!   2 comments

We never know what is happening at Gateway and have to keep on guessing. The day finally came when they were breaking up the cement around the dumpster in front of building D and we thought finally they were going to fix the flood that happens every time it rains around the dumpster.As they were working on it we all started coming up with what it could be to glamorize the place. Could it be a kid’s sandbox? Okay, we don’t have kids here except visiting great-grandchildren–let’s face it most grandchildren of the folks who live here are already adults! Maybe a mini dog park? Hey, an aquarium? You think that is silly how about the suggestion of a Jacuzzi? When the trucks came in we could imagine a water slide for the old folks but that was not to be.For almost 2 weeks the residents watched the slow process of what it was to be until we finally decided maybe they were taking care of the problem since day one that was the original idea, not having a swimming pool around the dumpster when it rains. When it was finished (is it finished? Are they going to leave it open like that?) we wondered how that was going to solve the water problem as the dumpster has been raised up but the water will still run down around it and be stagnant making it difficult to get to the dumpster doors, having water up to our ankles and attracting mosquito. Now we are waiting for the next rainfall to see the results!
By the way between pictures 2 and 8 can you guess who is the mascot of Building D?

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The Good Life July 2020

For 20 years I have been able to walk out the back door of the building I live in and immediately get lost in the world around me. While the front of the building overlooks the parking lot the back overlooks grass, trees and the canal that flows into Karen Bay.
Aside from all the fauna surrounding the buildings, there are the sites on the water from yachts to canoes to people on boards just floating along standing or sitting. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s nice to just get away from it all and get lost in dreams of what could be.
I do admit that it would just be a wee bit better if the pool was opened but we have to wait on that awhile longer.
Just an aside, which I always question, the side of the building overlooking the parking lot is known as the back of the house while the front is harder to reach!

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