Plethora of picking peppers!   1 comment

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As usual, on a Sunday afternoon, I get the watering pot out and water the plants starting with the ones in the kitchen. As I water the pepper plants I sort of look through them to see if the ONE monthly pepper has started to sprout. I never know where I will find it as they could be anywhere in, outside of the plant. Imagine when I saw 2 peppers in that kitchen plant, which is the first pepper plant I started a few years ago and it never produced more than one pepper at a time let alone in one month.
From that point on I started investigating all the plants and I don’t think there was a single one that didn’t have a pepper growing on it! There were all kinds, shapes and colors!! Some are hard to see/find as they seem to be just another green leaf. Where did that orange pepper come from? Right now I have 26 peppers growing so who knows what is ahead for me. A pepper pizza? Salsa? Stuffed peppers? Peppers and sausages pasta? I might even try a pepper cake instead of a carrot cake!! (I don’t think so!)
And it all started with some seeds from a pepper I bought and now when I use these peppers I’ll throw the seeds in pots.

Posted August 23, 2020 by greatmartin in MOTHER NATURE

One response to “Plethora of picking peppers!

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  1. 26 peppers?
    That would a years supply for me!

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