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If you know Tig Notaro you must see this–if you don’t know Tig Notaro you must see this! In any case, she is a brilliant, funny person and doesn’t see the cup half full but completely full!Anyone who knows me or reads my reviews knows that I am not the best audience member for a stand up comic but since getting Netflix I watch 1 or 2 a week to give them a chance to change my mind. I find most of today’s comics, male or female, loud and foul mouth plus not being funny.I don’t know how I heard of Tig but I did come across her name as a comic on Netflix and decided to watch her show and I am so glad I did. It takes place in a year’s time starting with her show at Largo’s that made her a breakout comedienne and ends a year later revisiting the club.
Along with finding out who she is we watch how a comic can take a word, a situation and over time make that word and situation a 1-hour show with a lot of laughs encompassing serious matters.Her opening line at that first Largo’s show is, “I have cancer, how are you doing?” A lot happens to her over that following year from wanting to have a child and not having a partner, the cancer diagnosis, her ‘breasts are trying to kill me’ which she gains enough confidence to make it a very funny ‘bit’.
The recording of that first show makes her a star which she isn’t quite comfortable with. You travel with her to the seedy clubs she does shows at, you meet her friends, you get to know her, you laugh with at her, you come to care for her and hope for a happy ending.This is a documentary about a person you will be glad to get to know!

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  1. Have to be honest, I’ve seen her numerous times and wasn’t that impressed.

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