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Mother Nature alert?   1 comment

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I was sort of getting nervous because after years of having blooms EVERY month my ‘Christmas’ cactus didn’t have any buds or blooms the whole month of August and most of September until the day of Yom Kippur when I looked at the plants and both were bursting with buds.Was Mother Nature telling me something? Was she rewarding me for being ‘good’ all year? Or that my cactus really is a ‘Jewish New Year’ cactus?

(For those who don’t know Yom Kipper is the holiest of the Jewish holidays also known as The Day of Atonement when we atone and repent for all our sins of the previous year. It starts with Rosh Hashannah, the start of the Jewish New Year, 10 days before Yom Kipper. The day involves a 24-hour fast starting at sundown the evening before and ending at sundown that day.)

Looks like I will now have blooms through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the Gregorian New Year!

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I got a COVID-19 gift!   1 comment

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There was a knock on my door and I was handed a box from Aetna, my insurance company. I hadn’t ordered any ‘supplies’ or meds or anything else so I had no idea what it was. It was a ‘survival kit ‘filled with all sorts of goodies from hand sanitizer to a mask (with their name on it, of course), bandages, a pill cutter(!), cough drops, dental floss and toothpaste, eye drops, etc., to help during this COVID-19 epidemic.

I was surprised because I get $80 of over the counter items free every month and while a few of these items aren’t available most are, and I will use a lot of them but, I don’t think Health Sport 30 Clear spray ‘for people with active lifestyles’ was meant for me who thinks walking to the elevator is part of my active lifestyle!!

I love getting surprise gifts–who doesn’t–and with the 5 books, to get me back into the reading habit I got earlier, and now anti-virus supplies I could get spoiled and expect gifts all the time!! LOL

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Should I become a Pepper Farmer?   1 comment

As I was watering my plants I started to see a pepper here, a pepper there a pepper everywhereand after counting those I could see I poked around and before I knew it I counted 17 peppers!!!The amazing thing to me is that I started with a few seeds from one bell pepper thrown into a pot with some dirt in it and here I am with 7 plants all with peppers of different colors and sizes!!Now I am thinking of taking the 28 house plants I have and growing peppers in all of them and once a month having a ‘pepper sale‘! There are 0 expenses involved and as far as time goes I have plentyof that—free! I certainly can sell them at a much lower price than the supermarkets charge!
Mmmmmm–I will have to give this some thought!Of course with extra incomemy rent would go up, I would have to pay taxes, would probably have to hire a lawyer to incorporate a business and then hire an accountant to take charge of my taxes which I would probably forget to declare and/or pay, get charged with avoiding taxes, sent to jail.
On secondthought I will just stick to the 7 pots of peppers and the pots of Geraniums, Begonias, miniature Norfolk Pineand various ‘Christmas cactus’plants, giving away and/or cooking with whatever peppers I get each month!

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Streaming reviews–week of September 21, 2020   Leave a comment

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1) “All In: The Fight For Democracy”–documentary–1 hour and 42 minutes–about voter suppression from the day the US Constitution was signed to the recent Governor race in Georgia–A MUST SEE (Amazon Prime Video)
2) “First You Dream: The Music of Kander and Ebb”–A Signature Theatre presentation–52 minutes (the original show ran over 2 and a half hours!)–6 very talented singers backed by a top orchestra bring the music and lyrics of the talented Kander & Ebb from “Cabaret” to “Chicago” to “New York, New York” to life and will get you singing along—it is a gem! (Amazon Prime Video)
3) “When Bette Met Mae”–taped documentary–1 hour and 3 minutes–a horrible job of ‘actresses’ lipsynching to a recording of a real meeting between the two legends–you learn a lot about the essence of these women and their Hollywood life but unless you are a fan of both or have no idea who they are(!) and have to ask who and/or what are Bette and Mae is not for you. (Amazon Prime Video)
4) “Criminal France, Germany and Spain”–series—-each country has 3 episodes each lasting between 43 to 47 minutes–each episode is an inquisition of a possible criminal with each episode a different crime–good detective work by detectives who aren’t perfect–worth watching. (Netflix)
5) “Ares”–Dutch series–First season–8 episodes totaling 3 hours and 50 minutes each running around 30 minutes–if you get through the first episode which is filmed mostly in darkness and is weird you might stick with it–I finally gave up after the 4th episode and people vomiting blood, fingers infected turning black, throats slit through the first 3 episodes–a waste of time making very little sense. (Netflix)
6) “Ratched”–American series–First season–8 episodes–a total of 7 hours and 19 minutes–each episode running anywhere between 50 and 62 minutes–if I thought “Ares” was weird I am now on the 5th episode of this story based on the prequel ‘life’ of Mildred Ratched originally in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” which won Louise Fletcher an Oscar and I keep on asking myself why–starting with a young guy killing 4 priests by stabbing them to watching another young guy having all of his limbs sawed-off, people being boiled to death not to forget a guy having his throat slit with a razor blade–why will I turn into episode 6 tonight? It’s is a Ryan Murphy production so you know the production values will be taken to the nth degree–you will get high camp–name actors overacting–it is trashy, thoroughly bad and a lot of fun with a Hitchcock movie feeling and music score making “Psycho” looking like child’s play–the whole thing is overboard even for Ryan Murphy so you have been warned! (Netflix)

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King Tides Before and After   1 comment

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King Tides leave parts of South Florida flooded

Unless you live in South Florida you really don’t understand ‘if you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change’!  The ‘before’ pictures were taken between 1-2 PM while the ‘after’ was taken between 5-6 PM. Between the King Tides and the rain and the sun we from to floods to completely dry streets.

The City of Fort Lauderdale is experiencing standing water in low-lying areas throughout the community. Conditions are expected to continue. We encourage neighbors to watch for standing water and drive with caution in low-lying areas, including: • Harbour Inlet • Las Olas Isles • Rio Vista • NE 32 Avenue, south of East Oakland Park Boulevard, on the barrier island • SE 2 Street along the Himmarshee Canal

And the snow egrets come during and after the rain for the worms and then we don’t see them when the sun is up!

Before & After–see the last two pictures above

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Don’t ‘file’ it in the garbage!!   Leave a comment

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Most people who receive this book usually just take a quick glance or throw it directly into the garbage and, yet, it is full of information for anyone eligible, or becoming eligible, for Medicare and/or Medicaid.By reading pages 57-90 I have learned how to cut my co-pays for doctors, including specialists, to 0 plus of the 12 drugs I am prescribed to take I only pay for 2 inhalers and I get a 3 month supply and pay for only 1 month.
You can be on a 5-star insurance plan and still do better with their Medicare Advantage plan. Should you be retired and living on Social Security reading this book is a must.
Comparing the plans in the back of the book over the years I found out a few ‘secrets’ such as getting $80 free over the counter items every month plus Florida has special plans for people who have a lower income–just have to check out your own State.Medical expenses are getting higher and higher every year and this “Medicare & You  2021” will help you make them lower and, in most cases, a lot lower.Spend an hour or two going through it–you’ll be ‘richer’ for it!

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King Tides   1 comment

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King tides are sort of a look into the near future as sea levels rise. Combine closeness to the moon, rainy weather, wind and near-hurricane conditions and we get floods. 

Each year the tides get more severe along with the flooding and traffic becomes completely hazardous as our streets aren’t ready for the water that quickly becomes curb high–where there are curbs!

I love Mother Nature–especially when I am inside and dry!–even when she gets a little nasty like today (and the next couple of days!) yet combines everything to make the area surrounding us look so different.

And, yes, the snowy egrets are back for their snacks!

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Boats, Birds, Burgers and more!   Leave a comment

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Top row starting from left:  It being Pirate Week of course we have to have a sloop docked at the entrance of Karen Canal! And then we have the usual and various floating vessels.

Second Row: don’t know why I go to Burger-Fi as they have the worst burgers in town and the prices are ridiculous! Maybe because I had a ‘$5 off $10’ coupon but the check still came to $11.03 Only plus is looking out the windows! The fourth picture is hard to see but the water is filled with minnows.

The third row we start off with Izzy the Iguana–beautiful but we have too many wild ones running around. The next picture is an example of ‘King Tide’ season–the water covers the walk! The third picture is the orchid growing beautifully in the tree and last, but not least, 2 snowy egrets that either have come in advance of their flock or were left behind not forget they could be a warning of heavy rains coming.

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Streaming Reviews–Netflix–Week of September 14, 2020   Leave a comment

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1) “Hope Frozen”–Documentary–1 hour and 19 minutes–interesting, moving, complicated–obviously true love for the child is real even if they may never know if it was a success or not–glaring omission is nothing about costs now or in the future and being cryonically frozen at death will be in the future.2) “The Social Dilemma”–Documentary–1 hour and 33 minutes–it will/could stop you from using a cell phone, the Internet or any technology of the recent past and present–if you are not 100% aware of what happens when you turn your phone on or strike a key on your keyboard and no matter how smart you may be you aren’t 100% aware no matter what you may think–A MUST SEE!3) “Strange But True”–Movie–1 hour and 35 minutes–a lot better than I expected–lots of twists–a strong cast where the veteran actors do much better than the newcomers and hopefully the latter will become the former–just remember ‘it’s a movie’!4) “All Together Now”–Movie–1 hour and 34 minutes–teenage tear jerker–I liked the last 45 minutes–surprised Carol Burnett is in it as that is not advertised–just okay if you just want to watch a movie.5) “Criminal UK”–Series–part of a series also taking place in France, Germany and Spain in separate episodes–the British section is 4 episodes–3 hours–I feel as if I have watched this before but don’t remember any of the episodes unless there was an American version–in any case the UK sections are interesting enough for me to want to see the other country episodes–for crime investigation fans.

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Birds, Sunrises and a dog!   1 comment

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Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. The only times we see flocks of snow egrets is when it is about to storm or after the storm as happened these past 3 days otherwise we never see them! Looking out my front window, rear window or walking out the building door there they were, completely ignoring whoever came their way!

She also amazed me the other morning, when almost sleepwalking to the kitchen to get a glass of water, my eyes glanced outside and there was a beautiful sunrise. I don’t think I have seen a sunrise since I gave up drinking the morning of January 21, 1981!!

I forgot to post the September dog last week so here is Butch!

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