September 1-7, 2020 COVID 19   1 comment

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1–4 top row  The ‘snow’ white Egrets usually come out after a heavy rainstorm and hunt for food but they must know something we don’t because it hasn’t rained this morning or afternoon. It did rain heavy last night so maybe they were waiting for the sun to come out and the bugs coming up from underground but they sure were out hunting this afternoon and I don’t think that worm was safe but I didn’t wait to see!

5-8 center row  There are 3 things–well more but—I miss and, not in any particular order, going to the theatre, going out to the movies and the only thing I have done since March is eaten out but only 3 times!! Allen still takes me shopping on Thursdays and eating lunch out was a big part of it. I have been leerier of eating out than he is but we have, at least, been to 3 of my favorite restaurants as they are all large and I knew they would follow the rules and they did. First was Cafe Vico, then The Cheesecake Factory and this past Thursday we went to the Quarterdeck. All 3 were a success!
(An aside: without doing my 3 things the past 6 I have been able to put some money in the bank. Look at the Quarterdeck lunch check–without a tip–and times it by 21 weeks!!!)

9-11  bottom row  Every Thursday for at least 40 years I have been going to Winn-Dixie to fo my weekly food shopping and the first things you are hit–2nd picture– with are sweets from pies to cakes to cookies and then when you go to pay right on the cashier’s lines are the candies and carriable snack packages.  The only other place(s) I have been out to all these months are doctor visits, usually, my primary doctor–picture 11 is his office–as I went last week to give the lab my blood for my quarterly physical which takes place on September 23. I do get an extra day out as I have to go to my eye doctor on September 14 for new glasses.

The last picture was a birthday present that Chuck and Terry gave me on Saturday, February 29, 2020, at my 21st Leap Year Party at Nabu and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it except to make sure that everyone who came into my place would see it. I didn’t want to use it as a bed or couch cover because it would get ruined. After 6 months I finally decided–should be ready to be shown by next week (with a little help from a friend)!!

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  1. I don’t see a single picture. But glad you got to go out to eat again. We still haven’t and it’s killing me.

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