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1) “Borgen”–Danish series–3 seasons–fiction–10 episodes each season with each episode running about 58 minutes–it is a look behind the scenes of the Denmark politics when the first woman is elected Prime Minister–with a first-rate production and cast headed by Sidse Babette Knudsen as the Prime Minister “Borgen” keeps on moving whether dealing with the 3 branches of government, the various political parties, what goes on behind the scenes and people who run it plus showing how it affects the Prime Minister’s home life you get involved with what is being presented as a political drama along with their personal lives. A 4th season has just been announced coming in 2022–EXCELLENT!

2) “Away”–American series–10 episodes each between 47 to 75 minutes–8 hours and 19 minutes–I am not a sci-fi fan but I am a Hillary Swank fan and almost gave up after the first tear-jerker episode but I hung in there and by the third episode I was hooked on the stories of the 5 astronauts making the first trip to Mars that will take 3 years–the effect of space on their bodies, minds and relationships while also dealing with keeping the space ship in mechanical perfection got to me as did the acting of the cast. VERY GOOD!

3) “Loaded”–British series–8 episodes each running 41 or 42 minutes–5 hours and 31 minutes–about 4 nerds who become multi-millionaires and their need to come up with another game–I did get 1 0r 2 laughs from each segment but the only one who held my interest was Jonny Sweet as the nerdiest of the nerds whose story arc is the most interesting–if you watch it you will enjoy it and if you don’t you won’t be missing it–just OKAY.

4) “Love, Guaranteed”–American film–1 hour and 31 minutes–if you start watching it and are too lazy to change the movie the courtroom scene will get you if you are a romantic–the plot is contrived and is about a guy who signs up with a dating app that, yes, guarantees you love and after 986 dates doesn’t he sues them–the best part of the movie is the disclaimer at the end–NAPPING MATERIAL.

5) “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”–American film–2 hours and 14 minutes–couldn’t give you a spoiler even if I wanted to–have no idea what it was trying to say–I am not a fan of writer-director Charlie Kaufman and I wish he hadn’t started they film–BORING!

Still loving “Rake” and “My Mother’s Killer”!

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