King Tides Before and After   1 comment

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King Tides leave parts of South Florida flooded

Unless you live in South Florida you really don’t understand ‘if you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change’!  The ‘before’ pictures were taken between 1-2 PM while the ‘after’ was taken between 5-6 PM. Between the King Tides and the rain and the sun we from to floods to completely dry streets.

The City of Fort Lauderdale is experiencing standing water in low-lying areas throughout the community. Conditions are expected to continue. We encourage neighbors to watch for standing water and drive with caution in low-lying areas, including: • Harbour Inlet • Las Olas Isles • Rio Vista • NE 32 Avenue, south of East Oakland Park Boulevard, on the barrier island • SE 2 Street along the Himmarshee Canal

And the snow egrets come during and after the rain for the worms and then we don’t see them when the sun is up!

Before & After–see the last two pictures above

Posted September 23, 2020 by greatmartin in WEATHER

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  1. We’ve been watching this on the news. Send all that water to California, they need it!

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