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1) “All In: The Fight For Democracy”–documentary–1 hour and 42 minutes–about voter suppression from the day the US Constitution was signed to the recent Governor race in Georgia–A MUST SEE (Amazon Prime Video)
2) “First You Dream: The Music of Kander and Ebb”–A Signature Theatre presentation–52 minutes (the original show ran over 2 and a half hours!)–6 very talented singers backed by a top orchestra bring the music and lyrics of the talented Kander & Ebb from “Cabaret” to “Chicago” to “New York, New York” to life and will get you singing along—it is a gem! (Amazon Prime Video)
3) “When Bette Met Mae”–taped documentary–1 hour and 3 minutes–a horrible job of ‘actresses’ lipsynching to a recording of a real meeting between the two legends–you learn a lot about the essence of these women and their Hollywood life but unless you are a fan of both or have no idea who they are(!) and have to ask who and/or what are Bette and Mae is not for you. (Amazon Prime Video)
4) “Criminal France, Germany and Spain”–series—-each country has 3 episodes each lasting between 43 to 47 minutes–each episode is an inquisition of a possible criminal with each episode a different crime–good detective work by detectives who aren’t perfect–worth watching. (Netflix)
5) “Ares”–Dutch series–First season–8 episodes totaling 3 hours and 50 minutes each running around 30 minutes–if you get through the first episode which is filmed mostly in darkness and is weird you might stick with it–I finally gave up after the 4th episode and people vomiting blood, fingers infected turning black, throats slit through the first 3 episodes–a waste of time making very little sense. (Netflix)
6) “Ratched”–American series–First season–8 episodes–a total of 7 hours and 19 minutes–each episode running anywhere between 50 and 62 minutes–if I thought “Ares” was weird I am now on the 5th episode of this story based on the prequel ‘life’ of Mildred Ratched originally in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” which won Louise Fletcher an Oscar and I keep on asking myself why–starting with a young guy killing 4 priests by stabbing them to watching another young guy having all of his limbs sawed-off, people being boiled to death not to forget a guy having his throat slit with a razor blade–why will I turn into episode 6 tonight? It’s is a Ryan Murphy production so you know the production values will be taken to the nth degree–you will get high camp–name actors overacting–it is trashy, thoroughly bad and a lot of fun with a Hitchcock movie feeling and music score making “Psycho” looking like child’s play–the whole thing is overboard even for Ryan Murphy so you have been warned! (Netflix)

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