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I was sort of getting nervous because after years of having blooms EVERY month my ‘Christmas’ cactus didn’t have any buds or blooms the whole month of August and most of September until the day of Yom Kippur when I looked at the plants and both were bursting with buds.Was Mother Nature telling me something? Was she rewarding me for being ‘good’ all year? Or that my cactus really is a ‘Jewish New Year’ cactus?

(For those who don’t know Yom Kipper is the holiest of the Jewish holidays also known as The Day of Atonement when we atone and repent for all our sins of the previous year. It starts with Rosh Hashannah, the start of the Jewish New Year, 10 days before Yom Kipper. The day involves a 24-hour fast starting at sundown the evening before and ending at sundown that day.)

Looks like I will now have blooms through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the Gregorian New Year!

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  1. You’re a lucky man. Mine blooms once a year, and never at Christmas.

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