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2) “Enola Holmes”–Netflix–movie–2 hours and 4 minutes–Did you know Sherlock Holmes had a baby sister that he didn’t see for 15 years? or that he had an older brother who was a snob? And all 3 had a feminist mother who disappeared? Who cares!! A delightful movie–while not a must sit back, relax and enjoy.

1) “The Loudest Voice”–Prime Video–7 episode series–5 hours and 50 minutes–originally on Showtime–every American, especially females, who like and/or believe Fox News should see this–see how Fox News was put together and how they zeroed in on Trump to sell the station–Russell Crowe and his make up dominate the series –A MUST SEE!

3) “The Queen’s Gambit”–Netflix–series–season 1–7 episodes–6 hours and 33 minutes–never thought I would hold my breath during a chess match–don’t have to know chess–a girl’s journey to being a woman–EXCELLENT

4) “Reggie Yates: Outside Man”–Netflix–series–6 episodes–5 hours and 14 minutes–Interviews gay men in the U.K. in 1 episode and in another what men will do to get a ‘6 pac’, to crime in Chicago, Australian addiction, riots in the USA and U.K. men at war–interesting but not interesting enough an interviewer

5) “The Haunting of Bly Manor”–Netflix–series–9 episodes–8 hours and 6 minutes–based on Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw”–much better version in 1961 in a movie called “The Innocents” with Deborah Kerr–I couldn’t get past the 3rd episode of this version.

6) “The Lie”–Netflix–movie–1 hour and 37 minutes–What would you do to protect your child? This movie answers what one divorced couple does–a psychological thriller with a very twisted ending–okay.

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Rain, Rain, More Rain & Birds!   1 comment

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Rainy season ended, officially, October 15, 2020–Mother Nature didn’t get the message! The rain on Sunday was the worse I have seen in many a year but it does bring out the beautiful white egrets! Today is a beautiful sunny blue skies day—so far!The following is a message from This is a post from one of your local agenciesCity of Fort Lauderdale
“City Provides Update on Local Flooding. In the past 24 hours, the City of Fort Lauderdale has experienced excessive rain storm events and severe flooding in various areas of the City. City staff has been working throughout the day to mitigate flooding concerns. Here is a summary of some of our efforts: – The Public Works Department has deployed various pump trucks to assist with reducing elevated water. The City has also asked other agencies and contractors for more pump trucks to assist in the process. – City staff is closely monitoring our storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems, which are running at full capacity. – Public Safety Aides are assisting with blocking areas that have significant flooding to mitigate stalled cars. – Public safety high-clearance vehicles will be traveling throughout neighborhoods in the City to assess and mitigate extreme hazardous conditions. The City anticipates additional rainfall this afternoon and throughout the week. If rain storms are concurrent with high tides, the combined effect will have a significant impact on mitigation efforts. The City urges the public to adhere to the following flood safety tips: – Avoid areas subject to flooding. Do not attempt to cross flowing water. – Never drive through flooded roadways. Nearly half of all people killed in floods are those who try driving through flooded areas. – Do not drive around barricades, they are there for your protection. If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately. – Never try to walk through or allow children to play around flood water. “
Welcome to Fort Lauderdale!!(And it is still hurricane season!)

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Holiday Blooms   1 comment

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On Sukkot (the Jewish Holiday–Oct 3) the first bud popped up and ever since then it is more and more blossoms every day and if it goes like it has the past few years they should be having buds and blooms until May!!The small blue pot was started with a clipping from the big plant and within 2 years it is giving ‘momma’ plant (now at least 15 years old!) a run for its money though the older plant has always had pink and white blooms while the youngster, so far, has only shown white blooms!They are beautiful flowers but I wish they had an aroma!

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1) “The Glorias”–Prime Video–Movie–2 hours & 27 minutes–Julie Taymor is an excellent director who adds too many gimmicks to her projects and this is no exception–do we really need 4 Gloria Steinem’s at different ages in one scene or each at a different period? Do we need a road she is jogging on to turn into 3 different jogging machines? No! What we do get (fast-forwarding of these scenes and others) is the life of a strong, fascinating woman. Like a previous movie “Ms. America” which also revolves around the ERA fight in the 1970s and also appears in this movie, like Phyllis Schafly & Betty Frieden, it made me wonder why any woman would vote against that amendment–an excellent movie in spite of the gimmicks.

2) “Grand Army”–Netflix–Series–Season 1–9 episodes–8 hours–another teenage high school drama that shows they know how to curse, use filthy rap lyrics, etc.–It opens with a scene of one female retrieving a used condom left in another girl’s body–I made it through 2 episodes and that was it!

3) “Kiss The Ground”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 24 minutes–an amazing lesson in how regenerating the Earth’s soil we can balance our changing climate, feed the world, replenish the water supply and get off the disastrous road we are currently on–you don’t have to be a scientist, a genius or a politician to see what we are doing wrong–it shows you what we as an individual can do but more important what farmers can do including the mistakes governments are making–A MUST SEE!

4) “The Hollywood Masters”–Netflix–series–Season 1–11 episodes–6 hours and 10 minutes–interviews of Hollywood icons from Jake Gyllenhaal to James L. Brooks–poorly interviewed by Stephen Galloway–the result, though each segment is only about 30 minutes, is a waste of time.

5) “The Show”–Netflix–Movie–1 hour & 34 minutes–All I could think of is some bloggers making a big political statement when seeing this–all I saw was a satire gone bad–it is all about a TV personality who signs up for a show about a different ‘contestant’ committing suicide every week–laughing yet?

6) “The Paradise”–Prime Video–2 seasons–each season 8 episodes, each episode 52 minutes–a BBC production originally shown on PBS in 2012–life in a department store with a soapy, British attitude about ‘classes’–excellent acting–laughs, drama, mystery, various relationships and just good old fun!

7) “Good Morning Veronica”–Netflix–Brazillian Series–Season 1–8 episodes–5 hours and 52 minutes– a clerk at the Homicide Police station, run by he uncle, in Sao Paulo, gets involved with an abused wife case–holds your attention from the opening episode to the last–some disturbing violence handed subtly, if that’s the word, and gets you involved in the woman–also a subplot about the clerk and a head female police officer who is looking to take over the uncle’s position–if you like detective stories this is one to watch.

8) “I’m Leaving Now”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour and 14 minutes–Felipe Hernandez, a Mexican immigrant, illegally living in Brooklyn for 16 years working hard to send his wife and their children money including a son he hasn’t seen since the boy was 8 months old–Felipe is a hard worker, sometimes working 3-4 different jobs in one day–the co-directors of the film seem to not trust enough faith in Felipe to just tell his story–this is one of those rare films that should have been at least 15 minutes more–I can’t say anything else without giving spoilers–due to the mishandling by the directors I really don’t recommend it.

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Sorry guys–FOR WOMEN ONLY!   1 comment

I very seldom get into politics as I remember being taught “Never talk politics or religion” and I do follow the latter but every once in awhile slip when it comes to the former and now is one of those times.

I watched “The Glorias” last night (see review on Friday) and recently read about “Ms. America” and both deal with the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) that was a big political fight in the USA during the latter part of the 1970s. The films deal with both sides of the arguments but I still don’t quite understand why there is an argument at all.

Since it deals mainly with women’s rights I thought I would ask you ladies a few questions to help me see your perspective as I have a feeling it is going to be a major subject once again.

For those who were around in the 1970s why were you for or against it?

For those who may have to deal with the ERA in a year or two why would you be against or for it?

Please, don’t argue with each other! I just want to understand why/what YOU feel.  Thanks.

For those who may not be completely familiar with the Amendment here is a quick review: 

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October King Tides, rain, sun, blooms and a skeleton!   1 comment

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The day started off with the October full moon King Tides and as soon as they started to recede the weather got a little crazy.  For about 5 minutes we would have a heavy blast of winds and rain followed by an hour of sun to all of a sudden get another blast of winds and rain and it has been going on like that all day.Seems like the Geraniums, Begonias, holiday Cactus and even the pepper plants had a talk and decided to all bloom starting last week–as you can see in some of the pictures–and I’ll talk about that in another post but, right now, wherever I look I see blossoms. I love it though–and I didn’t plan this–none of the blooms have an aroma!Just for the heck of it I threw in the Quarterdeck restaurant skeleton “Hostess”–still trying to figure out if that is something you want to greet you walking in to eat!!

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“The Trial of the Chicago 7” & “What the Constitution Means To Me”–2 MUST SEE FILMS–review   Leave a comment

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1) “The Trial of the Chicago 7”–Netflix–Movie–2 hours and 9 minutes–Aaron Sorkin wrote and directed this important episode in American history approaching it with a documentary feel making a powerful, effective ‘thriller’. A lot was going on in the late 1960s in the USA and many of us who have lived through the period see many of the same things happening now. We also have forgotten a lot about this trial that is about 7 men who were charged with inciting a riot on August 28, 1968, at the Democratic National Convention. I know it triggered many different thoughts for me as I watched it.
The acting is superb starting with Frank Langella as the vile judge and Michael Keaton in a short but very effective role as Ramsey Clark the Attorney General at the time of the riot. Each member of the 7 on trial, their defending lawyers plus their prosecuting attorneys all rise up to their moments demanding your attention on the screen.
Eddie Raymayne (Tom Hayden), Alex Sharp (Rennie Davis), Sacha Baron-Cohen (Abbie Hoffman), Jeremy Strong (Jerry Rubin), John Carroll Lynch (David Dellinger), Yahya Abdul-Mateen ll (Bobby Seale), Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Fred Hampton), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Richard Schultz), Mark Rylance (William Kunstler) and the rest of the cast bring all the drama and humor each role calls for with, particularly, Rylance and Lynch standouts.
“The Trial of the Chicago 7” is a MUST SEE film for those who were around then and those who weren’t. Be sure to watch the closing credits to the end. Aside from being an important part of American history, it works as a mystery thriller plus packs a wallop as a protest film.

2) “What the Constitution Means to Me”–Amazon Pride–taped version of play–1 hour and 40 minutes–took me about 15 minutes to get with the play but when I did I was in it all the way to the very last word. I thought it was going to be a standup comic doing her ‘thing’ but it is way more than that. You will laugh, cry and, I have no doubt, learn something!
Heidi Schreck wrote and stars in the Broadway success that was about to go on a national tour when the epidemic hit so instead it was filmed at one of her performances. With her writing and performance she ‘opens’ the play and it never seems to be confined to a stage.

At the age of 15 Schreck was earning college money by traveling across the country entering debates in American Legion halls which she recollects at the beginning. Before we know it she is digging into the constitution at several ages, from several different viewpoints, her life which will have you laughing, crying, holding your breath more than once and at the same time making you ask yourself, “How did I miss knowing that?”Without giving any spoilers let me just say she does have 2 people on the stage with her including Mike Iveson who plays 2 roles, one being a legionnaire who makes sure that the rules are followed and the other being himself. The other person, Rosdely Ciprian, who makes the play not only unforgettable but as timely and real as today!

Every American seeing this will want to debate that the ‘Constitution is a living document’–some pro, some con–while others will be faced with some realities that they aren’t/weren’t aware of what the Constitution of the United States has done or hasn’t done—yet!
It is certainly a film that anyone from another country should see to, maybe, understand the problems the USA is having these 2+ weeks before Election Day and why it is so important.

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1) “Secreto Bien Guardado”–Netflix–Argentinean series–season 1–8 episodes–3 hours and 30 minutes–A 17-year-old Jewish girl goes to Argentina with her family in 1940 where she falls in love with a young nazi lawyer–good enough to hold your interest but leaves 2 major items open with the first being why isn’t something made of the ‘sauce’ and second why is the fact that a young woman in the 1940s is running a huge business more of an issue? You’ll have to watch it to see what I am talking about!
2) “All Day & a Night”–Netflix–American Movie–2 hours and 1 minute–father and son struggling to break the pattern of Black men sacrificing their lives to crime–too long–I don’t know who the audience for this movie  is

3) “Dolly Parton: Here I Am”–Documentary–1 hour and 29 minutes–she is one of a kind: singer, entertainer, songwriter, funny, warm, real, a smart businesswoman and, like her, this documentary is all that–a winner

4) “Deaf U”–Netflix–Reality Show–season 1–8 episodes–2 hours and 30 minutes–getting to know you in sign language and speech–all people have the same problems–whether it be love, life or just getting through the day along with being judged especially among college kids–interesting.

5) “The Duchess”–Netflix–series–season 1–6 episodes–2 hours and 20 minutes–Katherine Ryan created, wrote, stars and is one of the producers–she also proves she can be as foul mouthed as any male actor on screen– knows every ‘dirty’ word and every body part and uses them all–not funny.

6) “Mr. Robot”–Netflix–series–season 4–14 episodes–10 hours 41 minutes–I watched the first 3 seasons on the USA cable station–couldn’t wait for each week’s episode–so far season 4 Elliot aka Mr. Robot, has 8 days to live has been incomprehensible, to me, and after 5 episodes I am ready to give up.

7) “Evil”–Netflix–series–season 1–13 episodes–9 hours–originally done on CBS–religious mystery versus secular science–David DaCosta (Mike Colter) church assessor, priest in training, examining miracles and demons versus Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katia Herbers) forensics psychologist whose husband is across the world mountain climbing while she has 4 daughters to take care of–don’t ask–I don’t know! I am mainly watching it because it also has Christine Lahti who I would never miss in whatever she does–there is a major story line, just starting in episode 4, around her and I want to know where it will lead to–the series? Okay so far.

8) “You Got This”—Netflix–Mexican film–1 hour and 51 minutes–a romantic comedy both romantic and funny–a successful married couple both on the cusp of reaching their goals–he wants a baby and she doesn’t–he baby sits a run-a-way’s kid–as one of the characters says in the very funny middle of the movie, “This could be a Julia Roberts movie,” and since the male lead looks like Paul Rudd I can see Hollywood remaking it with them! An enjoyable film with heart.

9) “An Easy Girl”–Netflix–French movie–1 hour and 32 minutes–2 female cousins on vacation in Cannes who are completely different and we see how they are treated by others–mainly men–for how they look. It is not easy being ‘easy’ but “An Easy Girl” is easy enough to watch.

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Legs, lizards, iguanas, orchids, a ballot and a carrot cake loaf!   Leave a comment

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1) You know you are old when in the middle of the night your leg itches, you scratch and wake up in the morning with blood all over the sheets!! (Actually, it is a combination of age and taking blood thinners!!)

2) The orchid in the tree outside my window keeps growing and blooming!

3) Iguanas aren’t native to South Florida but over the years pet owners and pet stores have let them loose and now they are everywhere. At Gateway they roam freely, are BIG and, I didn’t know, swim in the canals.

4) Just thought I would be nice and print the ‘easy’ carrot cake loaf that was in the paper this past week so you could make 2 and send one to me!!  Carrot Cake Bread Recipe, The Best Carrot Cake in Bread Form!

5) Got my ballot last week, filled it out and handed it to the mailman!

6) I love the tails on some of our lizards!

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2 steps forward and 3 steps back????   Leave a comment

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One of my joys in life has always been eating out. I can go back to when as a kid my dad when he was in town, would take us for a Chinese dinner after the movie on Sunday and then there was the ‘fake’ drink-the non-alcholic Frozen Daiquirisat the Sun Luck West when he would take me out for dinner. Since then I have lost count of how many times I have eaten out let alone the names of the restaurants I have eaten in but I can still name a dozen favorites!

In any case the last meal I would have in a restaurant was Thursday, March 12 and then restaurants for dining in were closed. As fancy a meal as I could make for me at home it just wasn’t the same as eating out so when restrictions eased a little on June 18, to celebrate Alan’s birthday, we went to the Cafe Vico.

I knew they would follow the rules–they did–and the place was big enough to stay away from other people. Marco, the owner, waited on us and though the food was as good as ever I couldn’t get the feeling that the COVID-19 VIRUS was getting ready to attack!

We started getting back into our habit of shopping at the Dollar Tree and Winn-Dixie then going to lunch. So far each restaurant has met the standards imposed and though The Quarterdeck and The Cheese Factory have large, roomy patios to eat on in the Florida heat and humidity I vote for inside with a/c. It was good having a pizza at Big Louie’s and a hero at Subways, sitting down and being waited on.

The only problem is the virus is starting to raise its head again with schools opening and the  Trump’s puppet, our Governor, is letting all businesses go back to the old ways and cases are starting to build up again and hospitals are getting crowded once more.

Will restaurants go back to no eating in or limited tables being used or will they will closed completely? I am not quite sure if I will continue being comfortable eating out!

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