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One of my joys in life has always been eating out. I can go back to when as a kid my dad when he was in town, would take us for a Chinese dinner after the movie on Sunday and then there was the ‘fake’ drink-the non-alcholic Frozen Daiquirisat the Sun Luck West when he would take me out for dinner. Since then I have lost count of how many times I have eaten out let alone the names of the restaurants I have eaten in but I can still name a dozen favorites!

In any case the last meal I would have in a restaurant was Thursday, March 12 and then restaurants for dining in were closed. As fancy a meal as I could make for me at home it just wasn’t the same as eating out so when restrictions eased a little on June 18, to celebrate Alan’s birthday, we went to the Cafe Vico.

I knew they would follow the rules–they did–and the place was big enough to stay away from other people. Marco, the owner, waited on us and though the food was as good as ever I couldn’t get the feeling that the COVID-19 VIRUS was getting ready to attack!

We started getting back into our habit of shopping at the Dollar Tree and Winn-Dixie then going to lunch. So far each restaurant has met the standards imposed and though The Quarterdeck and The Cheese Factory have large, roomy patios to eat on in the Florida heat and humidity I vote for inside with a/c. It was good having a pizza at Big Louie’s and a hero at Subways, sitting down and being waited on.

The only problem is the virus is starting to raise its head again with schools opening and the  Trump’s puppet, our Governor, is letting all businesses go back to the old ways and cases are starting to build up again and hospitals are getting crowded once more.

Will restaurants go back to no eating in or limited tables being used or will they will closed completely? I am not quite sure if I will continue being comfortable eating out!

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