Streaming reviews–week of December 13, 2020–3 MUST SEES!   Leave a comment

In no particular order, the first 3 movies are MUST SEES!
1) “The Prom”–Netflix–Movie–2 hours & 11 minutes–if you are familiar with Ryan Murphy you know most of his productions are fun, full of camp, big-name stars, glitter, glitter and more glitter. Just sit back and enjoy. (I am concerned about what he will do with a series based on “A Chorus Line”!)

2) “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”--Netflix–Movie–1 hour and 34 minutes–it is very rare that a film will hit me expectedly with where it is going near the end especially when 30 of the first 35 minutes was a hard section to hear but it ties up with the latter piece–Chadwick Boseman deserves all the praise he is getting while Glyn Turman is not praised enough–I am a big Viola Davis and here she plays it BIG as Ma Rainey and I didn’t quite buy her in the role but this is an August Wilson play that Denzel Washington has brought to the screen as he has other of Wilson’s 10 play epic of Black life.

3) “The Ride”--Netflix–Movie–1 hour & 38 minutes–based on a true story dealing with racism, inter-racial marriage and adoption, violence plus the chemistry between Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges as the stepfather and Shane Graham as the adopted son, a sport, add a Hollywood ‘Rocky’feel good ending all add up to an unheard film to see.

And then there was:

4) “I’m Your Woman”–Netflix–Movie–2 hours–a run of the mill road and crime movie.

5)”Lila & Eve”–Netflix–Movie–1 hour & 33 minutes–the story has a thousand holes in but Viola Davis and Jenifer Lopez fun to watch as 2 mothers getting revenge for their children’s murder.

6) “The Mess You Leave Behind”–Netflix–Spanish psychological thriller series–8 episodes- -6 hours–with twists that will keep you guessing until the last episode–filmed entirely in Galicia, Spain.7) “Virgin River”—Netflix–series–10 episodes–14 hours & 22 minutes–good old fashioned TV series soap opera style.

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