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Small Axe is a collection of 5 films created and directed by Steve McQueen now showing on Prime Amazon which can be seen all together or individually. They premiered one every week and that is how I watched them and, it seems to me, makes no difference whether you stream them all at once or watch individually.

Each film is a look at a different part of the life of West Indian immigrants in London.

In the order I watched them:

1) “Mangrove”–2 hours & 4 minutes–a true story which even if you have never heard of the case will know the ending–it is a story of a restaurant owner in Notting Hill–Frank wants a restaurant not a place for drug dealers which eventually brings the discriminatory police and a trial where a Black person doesn’t stand a chance.

2) “Lovers Rock”–1 hour and 10 minutes–a real-time house party in 1980 and all it can entail from romance, dancing for hours, sex, assault, music and, yes, the police.

3) “Red, White and Blue”–1 hour & 21 minutes–a tale of individual action within the Metropolitan Police Force regarding race.

4) “Education”–1 hour and 3 minutes–a 12-year-old West Indies boy is sent to a ‘sub-normal’ school because he is Black and has a small deficiency in reading.

5) “Alex Wheatle”–1 hour and 6 minutes–Alex Wheatle is a successful author that started with his journals as a teenager in abusive foster care and jail. He eventually becomes an activist-artist.

Of the 5 movies, I can only remember “Education” but on the whole, you won’t waste time watching any of them while, on the other hand, you won’t miss anything not seeing them.

For the record professional critics think more of the series than I do.

Posted December 20, 2020 by greatmartin in Streaming

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