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An assortment of pictures on my desktop that I want to retire and most one, two or three liners so I decided to just put them all in a post!

Starting with the upper left photo, it was our weather last week–most highs in the 80s or upper 70 while the lows were mainly in the 60s with Friday going down to 56 degrees. We are expecting a ‘cold wave’ on Christmas Day with a high of ‘only’ 68.

The second picture is of how Big Louie’s is doing social distancing–we went for pizza.

The third, fourth and sixth picture is the Holiday Cacti getting ready to bloom on Christmas Eve after discarding all their blooms for Hanukkah.

The fifth and ninth pictures are a present from Santa’s elves Chuck and Terry in Memphis. The chocolate has ‘disappeared somehow but I still have the paper section of the Best of Memphis!

Seven and eight are pictures of the new 27″ computer monitor I bought myself. Having problems with it that I haven’t been able to fix—yet!

The tenth picture is of Ruby–Alfredo and Mike’s dog–last I heard Alfredo is doing okay!I caught a sunset from my window in the eleventh picture.And in the last picture, I was making a record of growing a Van Dyke beard since I wear a mask outside so why bother shaving!?!?

Posted December 22, 2020 by greatmartin in LIFE

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