Is Santa testing me–still?!?!?   Leave a comment

One of Santa’s elves (John B) handed the above package to me yesterday–notice date on pictures–important! I sort of have an idea what it is (aside from the card he gives me the same thing every year and I am NOT complaining!!)

As anxious as I am to open it I think Santa is testing me–he wants to see if I’ll be a good boy until he gets here because he knows I have been one all year! (With the epidemic what choice do/did I have?)

It is going to be hard but I am not even opening the wrapping! Just in case it is what I think it is I am putting it in the refrigerator and locking the door!!!Is it Friday yet? Has Santa come yet?

I really am such a good boy!

Posted December 24, 2020 by greatmartin in HOLIDAYS

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