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1) “Let It Snow”–Netflix–American Christmas Film–1 hour & 33 minutes–about a quarter of the way through I was going to give up, then all of a sudden it clicked! Covers all the bases of young adult/teenage love–good Christmas movie!

2) “How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding”–Netflix–South African series–season 1–3 episodes–2 hours and 24 minutes– it is a Christmas story so we will be kind but I loved the whole South African vibe and the look at love, marriage & Christmas–I saw and learned so many things I never knew–I can’t wait for season 2

3) “Your Name Engraved Herein”–Netflix–Taiwanese Film–1 hour and 54 minutes–is being publicized as ‘the biggest LGBTQ film of 2020’–don’t know how many others were made but…it is boy meets boy, boy loves boy, boy loses boy end of gay romance unlike straight romantic movies where most times there is a ‘happy ever after’–it is a look at the period setting of the 1980s and the country at that time which is the main reason to see it.

4) “The Wilds”–Amazon Pride–Series–Season 1–10 episodes–8 hours & 42 minutes–would have been more interesting if they hadn’t given a major spoiler in first 2 episodes–sort of a take-off of “Lost” and/or “Lord of the Flies” only here we have 8 young females stranded on an island realizing they have no hope of being rescued–the cliff hanger will make me go back for season 2.

5) “Tiny Pretty Things”–Netflix–Series–Season 1–10 episodes–9 hours & 22 minutes–a young adult thriller, mystery, drama takes place in a ballet company with the politics of adults making life more difficult for the youngsters–good.

6) “Rose Island”–Netflix–Film–1 hour & 58 minutes–based on an incredible true story of a man who builds an island in international waters with his own rules, a new language, own money, post office, flag, etc.–I was surprised that I never heard about it–it is a lot of fun, shaking of the head–doesn’t answer all the questions a viewer might have but a MUST SEE!

7) “Toy Boy”–Netflix–Marbella, Spain Series–13 episodes–14 hours & 46 minutes–a much better, longer mystery series than the movie “Magic Mike”–a lot of camp, a lot of dancing strippers scenes, a Spanish soap opera, two main love stories that will keep you coming back–not a must-see but a fun series with emotional moments.

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