December 25 & 26, 2020   Leave a comment

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The first 5 pictures tell the whole story–it was a cold Christmas Day and day after–remember this is SOUTH Florida–people come here in Winter to get away from the cold weather! At least we had a beautiful sunset Christmas Day.

ALL the naysayers owe me an apology!! Look at pictures in the middle and lower left–more important look at the dates!! I have had this in my possession 4 days and all I did was look under the wrap and, yes, it is CARROT CAKE and I haven’t touched it–didn’t even take off the wrapper and the cover to smell it!!

I remember many years ago I was told whatever you are doing on New Year’s Eve you will be doing the rest of the year–I plan to be eating this carrot cake at midnight on December 31, 2020 and not until then. (It is now in the freezer which wouldn’t stop me from eating it but it is safer!)

In the 11th picture is the last crop of homegrown peppers that I picked today.In the last picture is a ‘shield’ I was given as a present–I prefer a mask.

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