85 years of music and memories Part 1   1 comment

I was doodling on a piece of paper and started to write titles of songs that brought back memories and before I knew it I had 500 titles!! Well, after 85 years of songs that mean something to you, that trigger a memory keep on coming back–so here are some of the songs, in no particular order–and in some case a snippet of memory! 

1. 1945–the first time I remember being stunned by a song and singer in a Broadway Musical: John Raitt singing the “Soliloquy” in “Carousel”


2. “But Not For Me”–Ella Fitzgerald–1950s–Everod Baths, NYC


3. “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”–1955–Chinese Grauman Theatre–met Jennifer Jones–I was in the Marines–one of my top favorite movies–song sung at the end by the 4 Aces ‘destroyed’ me


4. “Look of Love”–1967–Sergio Mendez–Bernie–Weight Watchers–The Boys in the Band–moved to Memphis https://youtu.be/HAFYlBg_1u0

5.”I Wish You Love” Keely Smith–Basin Street East–I was 23–a young romantic nightclub kidhttps://youtu.be/WPJ-J3NUUyk

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  1. Classics, all.

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