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1) “Dangerous Lies”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 35 minutes–crazy mixed up mystery thriller that doesn’t make sense plus has a bad lead actor but IS FUN.

2) “So My Grandma’s a Lesbian”–Netflix–Spanish comedy–1 hour & 35 minutes–a story of love, family, fun, craziness involving 3 families–and 2 grandmas coming out to get married–RECOMMENDED!

3) “Imposters”–Netflix–American series–2 seasons–10 episodes each season for a total of 14 hours & 2 minutes–recommended to me by my friend Gene (and we are still friends!)–fun, escapades, twists and turns, not too many holes in the stories revolving a woman who marries 2 men and 1 woman with others masterminding her moves–the exes get together for revenge– good cast–I didn’t expect the last line!! RECOMMENDED!

4) “The White Tiger”–Netflix–An American film made in India–2 hours & 5 minutes–an interesting look at the caste system in India separating the rich and poor–except for that aspect JUST ANOTHER MOVIE!

5) “Fearless”–Netflix–British crime thriller–6 episodes–3 hours–up to the 4th episode a routine mystery then it takes off to become TOP RATE!

6) “The Vanished”–Amazon Prime—-movie–1 hour & 35 minutes–child disappears in a RV campsite–you may not see the end coming which is a good–WASTE OF TIME!

7) “Strong Island”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 47 minutes–filmmaker looks at the murder of his brother and the man who got away with it–in 1992 and what has happened since then–could have been/should have been stronger–NOT ONE OF THE BETTER FILMS MADE ON THE SUBJECT!

8) “Kim’s Convenience”–series–4 seasons–each season 13 episodes–total 21 hours–a series about a Korean family who own a convenience store in Canada and their misadventures with each other and others–typical old fashioned comedy series WHICH IS FUNNY!

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