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1) “Made You Look: A True Story of Fake Art”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 34 minutes–a ‘mystery’/scandal in the New York art world–I vote ‘not guilty’ for Ann Freedman–CERTAINLY HELD MY INTEREST!

2) “I Care A Lot”–Netflix–Movie–2 hours–2 first-rate scammers are forced to work together–a story of elder abuse–a winner from beginning to end (which you won’t see coming!)–EXCELLENT!

3) “Behind Her Eyes”–Netflix–limited series–6 episodes–5 hours–helps if you believe in the supernatural–a married woman, who lost her parents in a fire, has a husband, male friend and female friend–I didn’t buy the last 20 minutes but even then IT IS EXCELLENT!

4) “Northern Rescue”–Netflix–series–first season has 10 episodes–7 hours & 10 minutes–a single father has to help his 3 children with the death of their mother and a move to a new town while dealing with his own grief–Amalia Williamson is a standout as the oldest child and the rest of the cast very good–a bit different from the regular family drama.

5) “Bliss”–Prime Amazon–sci-fi movie–very loud, distracting background noises–AJ, where are you when I need you?– TOO CRAZY FOR ME!

6) “Amend”–Netflix–Documentary limited series–5 hours & 48 minutes–if history was only as lively as this when I was in high school! A look at what brought the 14th amendment into being–you WILL learn something new and BE ENTERTAINED!

7) “I Am Divine”–Netflix–Documentary–1 hour & 30 minutes–one of the most famous/infamous drag queens in cinema history–though I am familiar with him and his work I DIDN’T FIND THIS INTERESTING!

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