February 2021–3 years to go til I am 22!!   1 comment

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Whether it is looking out at a full moon at night or birds looking for worms after a rainstorm life is good for this 21-year-old guy!

Though I am not thrilled about being an adult I’ll deal with it and maybe by the time I am 22 in 2024 I will have adjusted to all the responsibilities and annoyances that ‘maturity’ brings!!

If you look at the bottom left picture you can say hello to our latest resident! A bit young to live here but we will age him quickly!

I felt like I was ‘cheating’–doing something wrong–but did it anyway! Went to JMark’s for lunch and had a steak and baked potato plus I did NOT order their carrot cake (but I did take a bite out of the one Allen ordered! Picture of the cake in the lower right of the collage.) Then the following week went to Big Louie’s and we had a pizza! Amazing how little it takes to make you feel human with this epidemic.

I did get my first vaccine shot–no after-effects–and go for the second one next Friday, March 5 so though I won’t go wild I will feel a little more comfortable going out.

Had a few medical problems even though I felt fine–so far 4 doctors and 8 tests and no answers as to what is wrong except I do have to get my aorta valve replaced after 13 years but that can’t be done until they find out what is wrong so more tests coming up!All in all, February 2021 goes into the positive column, and now on to March!


Posted February 28, 2021 by greatmartin in LIFE

One response to “February 2021–3 years to go til I am 22!!

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  1. Happy birthday you little leaper!

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