Got the second shot!   1 comment

Got my second show yesterday and was easier than the first. I don’t know if because there are more vaccinations and types available and/or more places giving the shots but in the picture at the left the last time all you could see were cars–no grass, poles, trees!

Luckily, being without a car and old our Broward County Aging Agency made a deal with TOPS, our local transportation, to pick us up where we lived, go to the park to the head of the line, get our shot, wait for 15 minutes and then take us home!

We were 3 to a bus and the ladies would come on the bus and give us our shot.It was Pfizner. They gave us our card and told us to carry it wherever we went and said we should still wear our masks–which I planned to do anyway.

My arm was a bit sore last night but not enough to annoy me. Now I don’t know if the shot had anything to do with it but I went to sleep early–for me–1:05 AM and didn’t wake up until 11:30 AM—a real sound sleep!

Now if I could only get this group to work with my cardiologist, thoracic surgeon and pulmonary doctor I might have better news!!

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  1. That’s great news. Fred got his second shot early this morning and right now? He’s sound asleep on the couch.

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