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1) “Sarah’s Key”–Netflix–film–1 hour & 42 minutes–told in two-time frames this film, like most about the holocaust, are hard to watch and moving as this is with an intricate story it is not a must-see but A SHOULD SEE!

2) “Operation Finale”–Netflix–fictionalized documentary–2 hours & 3 minutes–Ben Kingsley does a masterful turn as the evil poster boy Adolph Eichmann responsible for millions of people, mainly Jewish, dying during WW2 and who escapes and lives in Buenos Aires after the war until he is captured by a Mossad Israeli agent–seeing it on the same night as “Sarah’s Key” made for a difficult evening but it is also A SHOULD SEE!

3) “Love, Victor”–Hulu–series–first season–10 episodes–each about 30 minutes–total 5 hours–as a sequel based on the gay teen romance released by a major studio “Love, Simon”‘Victor’ is a light comedy regarding family problems, a teenager and ‘coming out’ in a suburb of Atlanta–PLEASANT SERIES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

4) “The Sinner”–Netflix–series–3 seasons–8 episodes per season running from 40-50 minutes–each season revolves around a different, possible, murderer with Bill Pullman as the detective in each season–I found the first season a little hard to follow, the second interesting and the third starring Matt Bomer as a possible killer the most intense–FOR FOLLOWERS OF CRIMINAL SERIES!

5) “Pele: Birth of a Legend”–Amazon Prime–documentary biopic–1 hour & 48 minutes–everyone wants to watch a champ reach his goals–this one more than most which had a dictator telling him he must win–WINNER FOR FANS AND WINNERS!
6) “Evil Genius”–Netflix–limited series–4 episodes–3 hours & 8 minutes–a bizarre true-crime documentary THAT COULDN’T BE MORE BORING!

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