Spring Break March 2021   1 comment

(Pictures starting with #1 upper left!)

Pictures #1 & 11–if nothing else the Spring Breakers should feel comfortable in the bikinis and Speedos with the daytime afternoon temperatures in the 80s–I learned a long time ago to not go to the beach area this time of the year.

All is not well in Miami Beach where the Spring Breakers are getting wild–pictures # 3, 9, 10 & 12–and all we can hope is that they don’t move from Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale Beach!

The week before the ‘celebration’ we had another negative story about Florida–#8–which really wasn’t news to Floridians though for now most of the hate groups are in the North and middle parts of the State!

On a fun note it seems my friends in Maine took a wrong turn and their boat Semper Fi –#6 and 7–is parked outside my building!

Last, but not last, I treated myself for Spring Break first having a cheeseburger at IHOP–#5–and at night I grilled a T-Bone on my George Foreman grill and for dessert a slice of a very good piece of Carrot cake from Winn-Dixie–#4–so though the Speedo might be a bit tight I don’t go to the Berach anyway! LOL

Hope YOU aren’t getting too rambunctious during Spring Break!

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  1. Nope, not our boat. If we were there… you’d know it. As for spring break I blame your Governor. He opened everything up 100%, in March. What did he expect?

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