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1) “Mrs. America”–Hulu/FX–series–9 episodes–6 hours & 44 minutes–it is hard to believe that ERA didn’t immediately pass when presented and that was mainly the fault of women! This series clarified a lot for me while also will explain the 1970s to many under 50 today–excellent acting lead by Cate Blanchett–A MUST SEE!

2) “Audrey: More Than An Icon”–Netflix–documentary–1 hour & 40 minutes–an actress–an icon–a model–most of all a person who spent most of her life helping others–A NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN ONE OF A KIND LADY!

3) “Killing Eve”–Hulu/Amazon Prime–series–season 3–8 episodes–5 hours& 31 minutes–when I ‘cut the cord’ one of the very few shows I knew I would miss was “Killing Eve” and I am so glad it is back with the new season on streaming–Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer make this show sparkle and intriguing–SEE IT FROM SEASON ONE!

4) “The One”–Netflix–series–season 1–8 episodes–5 hours & 36 minutes–a sci-fi thriller where DNA can match you with your perfect partner–the series, so far, hasn’t made me want to see season 2 EXCEPT I WAS COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED WITH STAR HANNAH WARE!

5) “Yes Day”–Netflix–movie–1 hour & 29 minutes–Silly, stupid, doesn’t make sense, but, YOU WILL LAUGH, ENJOY IT AND THEN FORGET IT!

6) “Murder Among The Mormons”–limited series–3 episodes–2 hours & 40 minutes–the first segment and the last 15 minutes are intriguing and THE REST BORING

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