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A series on Netflix–3 seasons with a 4th coming–each season has 10 episodes–about 5 hours per season.

I was sort of hesitant about watching this as I really didn’t know who it was aimed for or what it was about(never having seen the movie it is based on) so I decided to watch the first couple of episodes and before I knew it I had finished the 30th episode and am waiting, impatiently, for the 4th season even though it hasn’t been scheduled yet and the third season was a little on the weak side.

What is it about? It follows mainly black college students at an Ivy League school. Mixed in with the many varieties of color there are a couple of major white students, one, Gabe (John Patrick Amedori),  the lead opposite Samantha (Logan Browning), who has a white father and black mother and are lovers.

It has a first-rate cast including Antoinette Robertson who is such a brat you want to slap her but you can’t wait for her next scene.  The characters run from black, white, every shade in-between, gay, straight, trans, smart, dumb, poor, rich, son of the Dean, etc.

It is funny, shocking, educational, touching, jaw-dropping, puzzling but, most of all, it will hold your attention even when discussing topics you think you might not be interested in or know all about.

One of the faults of the third season is that it is ‘too’ gay—and this is said by a gay man! Following the storyline of Lionel (played by DeRon Horton) as he comes out is interesting as is his becoming a reporter working with Samantha to find a secret society but the main writer of the series (who also wrote the movie screenplay)

Justin Simien spends a little too much time exploring the whole gay spectrum but then again he is exploring the whole race spectrum.

I really would like to hear from people who watch “Dear White People” and their reactions positive or negative!

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